1st Edition

Asylum Seekers, Sovereignty, and the Senses of the International A Politico-corporeal Struggle

By Eeva Puumala Copyright 2017
    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The confrontation between asylum seeking and sovereignty has mainly focused on ways in which the movement and possibilities of refugees and migrants are limited. In this volume, instead of departing from the practices of governance and surveillance, Puumala begins with the moving body, its engagements and relations and examines different ways of seeing and sensing the struggle between asylum seekers and sovereign practices.

    Puumala asserts that our political imagination is being challenged in its ways of ordering, practicing and thinking about the international and those relations we call international. The issues relating to asylum seekers are one example of the deficiencies in the spatiotemporal logic upon which these relations were originally built; words such as ‘nation’, ‘people’, ‘sovereignty’ and ‘community’ are challenged. Conventional methods of governing, regulating and administering increased forms of mobility are in trouble, which gives rise to the invention of new technologies at borders and introduces regulations and spaces of exception.

    Based on extensive fieldwork that sheds light on a range of Europe-wide practices in the field of asylum and migration policies, this book will be of interest to scholars of IR theory, biopolitics and migration, as well as critical security more broadly.


    Event 1: Ethnographic experiences

    Chapter 1: Exposure

    Event 2: Political lives, professional ethics, and sovereign practices

    Chapter 2: Sovereignty, mobility, the body

    Event 3: Asylum, a monologist narrative of the state?

    Chapter 3: A struggle over the body

    Event 4: Passages and dislocations

    Chapter 4: Moving (in) space

    Event 5: The feltness of sovereignty

    Chapter 5: Sensuous politics, political sentiments

    Collage of a politico-corporeal struggle




    Eeva Puumala is a post-doctoral researcher at the Tampere Peace Research Institute in the University of Tampere, Finland