1st Edition

Asymmetric Synthetic Methodology

By David John Ager, Michael B. East Copyright 1995

    This comprehensive text presents a critical discussion of the scopes and limitations of various organic synthetic methodologies that are available for performing asymmetric transformations. In addition to purely chemical methods, the book covers applications of new enzymes and other biological systems that are increasingly useful in asymmetric methodology.

    Why Asymmetric Synthesis?
    Methods to Achieve Asymmetric Synthesis
    A Question of Scale
    General Rules
    Carbonyl Additions
    Houk's Rule
    Allylic Strain
    Baldwin's Rules
    Pericyclic Transition States
    One-Carbon Transformations
    Inversions at a Single Carbon Center
    Chiral Organometallic Reagents
    Other Reactions
    Reactions With Carbonyl Compounds
    Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds With Nucleophiles
    Acetal Reactions
    Other Electrophiles
    Other Reactions
    Enolate Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds
    Enol Ethers and Enolate Formation
    Reactions of Enol Ethers and Enolates
    Use of Nitrogen Derivatives
    Asymmetric Deprotonations and Protonations
    Reactions of Functionalized Carbonyl Systems
    Alkylations of 1,2-Functionalized Carbonyl Compounds
    Reductions of 1,2-Functionalized Carbonyl Compounds
    Alkylations of 1,3-Functionalized Carbonyl Compounds
    Reductions of 1,3-Functionalized Carbonyl Compounds
    Other Systems
    Aldol and Related Reactions
    The Aldol Reaction: Methods of Control
    The Aldol Reaction: The Role of Enolate Geometry and Metal Counterion
    The Formose Reaction
    Preparation and Reactions of Alkenes
    Alkene Synthesis
    Reactions of Alkenes
    Reactions of Functionalized Alkenes
    Other Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions
    Hydride Delivery Agents
    Reactions of Some Functionalized Alkenes
    Conjugate Additions
    Allyl Alkylations
    Other Reactions
    Asymmetric Oxidations of Isolated Alkenes
    Reactions of Epoxides
    Formation and Reactions of Cyclic Sulfates
    Preparation and Reactions of Aziridines
    Oxidations of Functionalized Alkenes
    Epoxidation of Allyl Alcohols
    Reactions of 2,3-Epoxy Alcohols and Related Systems
    Epoxidations and Reactions of Other Unsaturated Systems
    Other Oxidations
    Other Systems
    Pericyclic Reactions
    The Diels-Alder Reaction
    Claisen Rearrangements
    Ene Reaction
    Dipolar Cycloadditions
    [2,3] Sigmatropic Rearrangements
    Photochemical Reactions
    Other Reactions
    Cyclization Reactions and Reactions of Cyclic Systems
    Preparations of Lactones and Cyclic Ethers
    Reactions of Lactones and Related Systems
    Reactions of Cyclic Sulfur Compounds
    Biochemical Methods
    Esters and Related Compounds
    Other Reactions
    Catalytic Antibodies


    David John Ager and Michael B. East