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    Histology is the discipline of biology that involves the microscopic examination of thin  stained tissue sections in order to study their structure and correlate it with function. Histology can detect signs of disease not easily recognized on gross examination and can therefore be of interest in fish health supervision. The aim of this volume is to present a general reference guide providing an extensive set of histological images of fishes (about 40 species). This atlas is designed for use by students and researchers, biologists, ichthyologists, fish farmers, veterinarians working in fisheries and, of course, by comparative histologists who want to learn more about the fish world.

    Introduction to Histotechniques and Fish Gross Anatomy - Tissue processing
    Routine staining of paraffin sections
    Histochemical stainings
    Immunohistochemistry & lectin cytochemistry
    Pictures of gross anatomy
    Key to the gross anatomy figures A to S
    Alphabetical key to the figures A to S
    Tissue of Fishes
    Skeletal Tissues - Cartilage
    Muscular Tissue - Skeletal muscle
    Cardiac muscle
    Smooth muscle
    Cardiovascular System and Blood - Heart
    Blood vessels
    Cellular components of blood
    Immune System and Hematopoiesis - Spleen
    Renal hemopoietic system
    Phagocytic system
    Epigonal organ
    Integument - Epidermis
    Dermis and hypodermis
    Skin Coloration
    Digestive System - Oral cavity and pharynx
    General outline plan of the digestive tract
    Glands Associated with the Gastrointestinal Tract - Liver
    Exocrine pancreas
    Swim and Gas Bladders
    Respiratory System
    Excretion and Osmoregulation - Excretory kidney
    Chloride cells
    Rectal gland of elasmobranchs
    Nervous System - The central nervous system
    The peripheral nervous system
    Endocrine Glands - Pituitary Gland
    Urophysis (caudal neurosecretory system)
    Interrenal and chromaffin tissues
    Thyroid gland
    Endocrine pancreas
    Corpuscles of STANNIUS
    Ultimobranchial gland
    Pseudobranch and choroid body
    Pineal gland
    Endrocrine cells of the cut
    Reproductive System - Male
    Sensory System and Communication - Auditory and lateral line system
    Electric organs and electroreception
    List of Fish Names


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