3rd Edition

Atlas of Glaucoma

Edited By Neil T. Choplin, Carlo E. Traverso Copyright 2014
    362 Pages 659 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Glaucoma affects all age groups and is a leading cause of blindness worldwide. It is imperative that practicing clinicians and surgeons recognize both primary and secondary glaucoma as well as cases of glaucoma associated with other disorders. Atlas of Glaucoma, Third Edition provides an in-depth review and analysis of the management of glaucoma and discusses research advancements that have resulted in the latest therapies.

    See What's New in the Third Edition:

        • The influence of the cornea on intraocular pressure measurements and new devices designed to account for this
        • Spectral domain optical coherence tomography (OCT)
        • New statistical methods for tracking rates of progression
        • New medications released since 2006
        • New chapter on trabecular bypass surgery

        Additional topics include:

        • Classification of glaucoma
        • Measurement of intraocular pressure and gonioscopy
        • The optic nerve
        • Psychophysical and electrophysiological testing in glaucoma
        • Primary open-angle, secondary open-angle, and angle closure glaucomas
        • Ocular blood flow and metabolism
        • Medical therapy and surgical treatments
        • Aqueous shunts
        • Combined cataract and glaucoma surgery
        • Treatment of developmental glaucoma

        This colorful atlas contains detailed captions for each illustration, making it ideal for teaching purposes as well as a reference for the practicing ophthalmologist.

        Glaucoma encompasses a wide variety of clinical entities, clinical findings, diagnostic techniques, and treatment options. This book presents a vast assemblage of insight from internationally recognized experts.

        Introduction to Glaucoma; Neil T Choplin and Carlo E Traverso
        Classification of Glaucoma; Neil T Choplin
        Aqueous Humor Dynamics; Carol B Toris
        Intraocular Pressure and Its Measurement; Paolo Brusini
        Gonioscopy; Ronald L Fellman and Davinder S Grover
        The Optic Nerve in Glaucoma; Gábor Holló
        Optic Disc, Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer, and Macular Analysis for Glaucoma; E. Randy Craven
        Psychophysical and Electrophysiological Testing in Glaucoma: Visual Fields and Other Functional Tests; Chris A. Johnson
        Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma and Its Variants; Mohsin Ali, Lan Lu, and George L. Spaeth
        Secondary Open-Angle Glaucomas; Jonathan Myers, L. Jay Katz, and Anand Mantravadi
        Angle-Closure Glaucomas; Christopher C. Teng, Jeffrey M. Liebmann, Celso Tello, Robert Ritch, and David S. Greenfield
        Ocular Blood Flow and Metabolism; Alon Harris, Leslie Abrams Tobe, and Brent Siesky
        The Developmental Glaucomas; Carlo E. Traverso and Alessandro Bagnis
        Medical Therapy for Glaucoma; Jennifer E. Williamson and Janet B. Serle
        Laser Surgery in the Treatment of Glaucoma; Richard A. Hill
        Filtration Surgery; Mina B. Pantcheva, Leonard K. Seibold, and Malik Y. Kahook
        Nonpenetrating Glaucoma Surgery; Toby Y.B. Chan and Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed
        Aqueous Shunts; Brian J. Song, JoAnn A. Giaconi, and Anne L. Coleman; Combined Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery; Arvind Neelakantan, Mary Fran Smith, Maher M. Fanous, and Mark B. Sherwood
        Treatment of Developmental Glaucoma; Carlo E. Traverso and Paolo Capris
        Trabecular Bypass Surgery; Toby Y.B. Chan and Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed


        Neil T. Choplin, MD is in private practice at Eye Care of San Diego specializing in glaucoma. He is Adjunct Clinical Professor of Surgery, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland and former Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology, Naval Medical Center San Diego. His research interests include visual field testing, glaucoma medications, and retinal nerve fiber layer analysis.

        Carlo E. Traverso, MD is Professor and Chairman, Clinica Oculistica of Di.N.O.G.M.I.,University of Genova, IRCCS Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria San Martino – IST Genova, Italy. He is President of the European Glaucoma Society (EGS).