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1st Edition

Atlas of Medieval Britain

ISBN 9780415602235
Published January 19, 2011 by Routledge
168 Pages

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Book Description

Christopher Daniell's Atlas of Medieval Britain presents a sweeping visual survey of Britain from the Roman occupation to 1485.

Annotated throughout with clear commentary, this volume tells the story of the British Isles, and makes visually accessible the varied and often complex world of the Middle Ages. The Atlas depicts the spatial distribution of key events and buildings between 1066 and 1485, as well as providing the relevant Anglo-Saxon background. Charting the main political, administrative and religious features of medieval society, the maps also locate cultural landmarks such as the sites of mystery plays, universities and specific architectural styles.

Topics covered include:

  • Iron Age and Roman occupation
  • Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
  • changing political scenarios within England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  • religious framework, including diocesan boundaries, monasteries and friaries
  • government, society and economy.

Complete with recommended further reading, this volume is an indispensable reference resource for all students of medieval British history.

Table of Contents

Preface  Contents  Introduction  Section one  1. Physical Geography of the British Isles  2. Vinyards in 1086 Domesday Book as Evidence of Climate Change  3. Medieval English Counties  4. Sheriffdoms of Scotland late 15th Century  5. Counties of Scotland pre 1890  6. Welsh Historic Counties  7. Irish Historic Provinces and Counties  Section two - Roman and Early Middle Ages  8. Major Iron Age Tribes  9. Roman Province of Britannia AD 212 - 296  10. Roman Province of Britannia in the 4th Century  11. Kingdoms in the British Isles c. 800 AD  12.Viking Settlement and Anglo-Saxon Burhs  13. Anglo-Saxon Dioceses in 9th Century  14. Anglo-Saxon Dioceses 900 -1066  15. New Boroughs in Anglo-Saxon England  16. Mints of Edward the Confessor  17. Wales in the Mid 11th Century  18. Five Kingdoms of Ireland and Major Viking towns  19. Anglo-Saxon Earldoms in 1065  Section three - Central and Later Medieval Period  - a. War and politics  20. 1066 - Campaigns of August to October  21. William the Conqueror's Conquest of England, 1066-1072  22. Castles in Domesday Book 1086  23. Ireland on the Eve of the Norman Invasion  24. Ireland's Anglo-Norman Colony c. 1210  25. Wales c. 1200  26. King John's Campaign and the Baron's Revolt 1215-1216  27. Edward I's 1277 Campaign and Castles  28. Edwardian Settlement of Wales 1277-1295  29. Power in Wales 1322-1326  30. Power in Wales 1327-1330  31. Edward I's Scottish Campaign 1296  32. Robert Bruce's recovery of Scotland 1307-1318  33. Campaigns of Edward Bruce in Ireland 1315-1317  34. Edward III's Recovery of Scotland 1333-1335  35. Scottish Recovery 1335-1356  36. Border Battles in the Hundred Years War - Battles of Halidon Hill, Otterburn and Neville's Cross  37. The Lordship of the Isles  38. Peasant's Revolt 1381  39. Glyndwr's Revolt 1400-1401  40. Glyndwr's Revolt 1402  41. Glyndwr's Revolt 1403-1405  42. Glyndwr's Revolt 1406-1415  43. Glyndwr's Proposed Tripartite Division of England and Wales 1405  44. French attacks on England during Hundred Years War  45. Locations of Major English Parliaments, 1258-1301  46. Locations of Parliaments and Councils during Reign of Edward III, 1327-1377  47. English Parliamentary Borough Representation, early 15th C  48. Castles  49. Ireland - Areas Outside Limits of English Authority  50. The English Pale in Ireland  51. Burial Places of the Rulers of England 1066-1485  52. Burial Places of the Scottish Kings 1093-1542  53. Wars of the Roses 1455-70  54. Wars of the Roses 1471-85  55. Battle of Bosworth: Routes taken by Richard III and Henry Tudor  56. Battle of Bosworth, 22 Aug 1485  Government, society and economy  57. Domesday Book circuits, 1086  58. Mints of William the Conqueror  59. Mints of Henry I 1100-1135  60. Find spots from the London and York Mints: Edward the Confessor; William the Conqueror and Henry I  61. Mints of Stephen and Matilda 1135-1154  62. Mints of Henry III 1216-1272  63. Mints of the Scottish Kings 1124-1286  64. Major Road and River Networks in England and Wales  65. Road Networks As Used By King John, Edward I and Edward II  66. Routes Used By Edward I More Than Once  67. Disposition of Ships Available to the Crown, 1206 and 1235  68. Cinque Ports  69. London's Wards and Wealth, 1332  70. London's Hinterland  71. Regional Influence of Some Major Fairs  72. Staple Ports as specified by Edward III, 1353  73. Late 14th Century English Cloth Industry  74. Medieval Markets in Devon  75. The Black Death 1348-1350  76. Deserted English Medieval Villages  77. New Boroughs in England 1066-1500  78. Ranking of Twenty Wealthiest Towns in Domesday Book, 1086  79. Ranking of Twenty Wealthiest Towns in 1334 Lay Subsidy Assessment  80. Ranking of Twenty Wealthiest Towns by 1377 Poll Tax Assessment  b. Religion and Culture  81. English Dioceses and their Wealth  82. Monastic and Secular Cathedrals in England  83. Scottish Dioceses and their Wealth  84. Welsh Dioceses and their Wealth  85. Irish Dioceses and their Wealth  86. Benedictine Monasteries in England and Wales  87. Alien Benedictine Monasteries in England and Wales  88. Benedictine Nunneries in England and Wales  89. Benedictine Monasteries in Scotland  90. Cistercian Monastic Growth 1128-1152  91. Cistercian Monastic Growth After 1152  92. Cistercian Nunneries in England and Wales  93. Cistercian Nunneries in Scotland  94. Cistercian Monasteries in Ireland  95. Cluniac Monasteries and Nunneries in Great Britain  96. Carthusian Monasteries in Great Britain  97. Monasteries of the Order of Tiron in Great Britain  98. Austin (Augustinian) Monasteries in England and Wales  99. Austin (Augustinian) Nunneries in England and Wales  100. Austin (Augustinian) Monasteries in Scotland  101. Premonstratensian Monasteries and Nunneries in England and Wales  102. Premonstratensian Monasteries in Scotland  103. Gilbertine Monasteries and Nunneries in Great Britain  104. Franciscan Province of England and Wales  105. Franciscan Province of Scotland  106. Franciscan Province of Ireland  107. Dominican Province of England and Wales  108. Dominican Province of Scotland  109. Dominican Province of Ireland  110. Austin (Augustinian) Friaries in England and Wales  111. Carmelite Friaries in England and Wales  112. Carmelite Friaries in Scotland  113.Towns with Four Main Orders of Friars in Great Britain  114. Minor Orders of Friars in Great Britain  115. Hospitaler Houses in the British Isles  116. Knights Templar Preceptories and Hospitals  117. Larger Jewish Communities in England  118. Major Architectural Sites of the 12th Century  119. Major Architectural Sites of the 13th Century  120. Major Architectural Sites of the 14th Century  121. Major Architectural Sites of the 15th Century  122. Medieval Mystery Plays  123. Medieval Universities and Colleges 1200-1500  

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Christopher Daniell is a Research Associate and former Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York. He is the author of From Norman Conquest to Magna Carta, England 1066- 1215 (Routledge, 2003). He currently works as Historic Building Advisor for the British Government.


'This book is an excellent reference source for any medievalist, and should be included in the reference section of all academic libraries as the graphic material is easy to understand and presents crucial historical information in a clear and precise manner that any undergraduate or graduate student would appreciate.' – Reference Reviews