Operative procedures performed directly on the base of the brain, inner ear, and cranial nerves are inherently delicate undertakings further complicated by the difficulty of achieving easy access to this confined space. Written by pioneers working at one of the world's leading centers for advanced neurosurgery, An Atlas of Skull Base Surgery clearly describes the steps by which each of the key anatomical structures at the skull base and inner ear may be accessed in order to perform advanced surgical interventions.

    Featuring over 170 specially commissioned diagrams, and over 100 photographs of MRI, CT, and other imaging modalities, the atlas comprehensively covers a range of surgical approaches. The authors use the detailed supporting artwork to demonstrate the main steps in each procedure and help readers conceptualize the anatomy and surgical trajectory. With extensive accompanying notes on patient assessment and postoperative care, An Atlas of Skull Base Surgery facilitates the complete evaluation and management of patients with skull base lesions in which the clinical presentation or cell type mandates an operative procedure.

    Surgery at the Base of the Brain, D.M. Long

    Anterior Craniofacial Resection, B.W. O'Malley, Jr.

    Transfacial Approach to the Infratemporal Fossa, Nasopharynx, and Middle Cranial Fossa, B.W. O'Malley, Jr.

    Transphenoidal Approach to the Midline Cranial Base, B.W. O'Malley, Jr., J.K. Niparko, and M.J. Holliday

    Transoral Approach to the Midline Skull Base, B.W. O'Malley, Jr. and M.J. Holliday

    Pterional Approach and Its Extensions, D.M. Long and M.J. Holliday

    Lateral Transtemporal-Sphenoid Approaches to the Skull Base, M.J. Holliday and M. Ng

    Infratemporal Approaches to the Skull Base, D.E. Mattox, J.K. Niparko, and M.J. Holliday

    Middle Fossa Approach, J.K. Niparko, M. Ng, and D.M. Long

    Infracochlear Approach, J.K. Niparko and M. Ng

    Translabyrinthine Approach, J.K. Niparko, M.J. Holliday, and D.M. Long

    Transcochlear Extension of the Translabyrinthine Approach, J.K. Niparko, and L.R. Lustig

    Retrolabyrinthine Approach, J.K. Niparko

    Subocciptal (Retrosigmoid) Approach, D.M. Long, J.K. Niparko, and M.J. Holliday

    Far Lateral Approach to the Lower Clivus and Foramen Magnum Region, D.M. Long and M. Ng

    Complications in Skull Base Surgery: Avoidance and Management, M. Ng, D. Lee, and J.K. Niparko


    Donlin M. Long, John K. Niparko, Bert W. O'Malley Jr, James S. Zinrich

    "A must for those wishing to stay current with the progress of neurosurgery. …The authors are well-known established neurosurgeons…a must for any neurosurgeons library. The text, along with the drawings and illustrations provides a great overview of skull base surgery."
    --Celso Agner, MSc, MD, Albany Medical Center for Doody's Notes

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