1st Edition

Atmospheric Processes and Systems

By Russell D. Thompson Copyright 1998
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    Atmospheric Processes and Systems presents a concise introduction to the atmosphere and the fundamentals of weather. Examining different aspects of the mass, energy and circulation systems in the atmosphere, this text provides detailed accounts of specific phenomena, including
    * the composition and structure of the atmosphere
    * energy transfers
    * the cycle of atmospheric water in terms of evaporation, condensation and precipitation
    * pressure and winds at the primary or global scale
    * secondary air masses and fronts
    * thermal differences and weather disturbances.
    The text includes sixteen boxed case studies, annotated further reading lists and a glossary of key terms.

    Part I: Introduction to the Atmosphere 1. The Composition of the Atmosphere 2. The Structure of the AtmospherePart II: Radiative Fluxes and Energy Transfers in the Atmosphere and at the Earth's Surface 3. Radiative Fluxes and Radiation Balance 4. Net Radiation and Energy Transfers within the Atmosphere and at the Earth's Surface 5. Energy Transfers within the Troposphere and their Influence on Atmospheric Stability TendenciesPart III: Atmospheric Water 6. Evaporation and Evapotranspiration 7. Condensation Process and Condensation Forms at or close to the Earth's Surface: Dew, Hoar Frost and Fog 8. Condensation Forms in the Troposphere, away from the Earth's Surface: Clouds and PrecipitationPart IV: The Primary Atmospheric Circulation: Global Pressure and Winds at the Earth's Surface and within the Troposphere 9. The Distribution of Global Surface Pressure Systems 10. Surface Airflow 11. Upper Tropospheric Pressure and Wind SystemsPart V: Secondary and Tertiary Circulations: Synoptic Situations and Local Air Flows 12. Air Masses and Fronts 13. Weather Disturbances 14. Weather Disturbances of Middle and High Latitudes 15. Tropical Weather Disturbances 16. Tertiary Circulations/Local Air Flows


    Russell D. Thompson