Atomic Nanoscale Technology in the Nuclear Industry  book cover
1st Edition

Atomic Nanoscale Technology in the Nuclear Industry

ISBN 9781138073142
Published October 12, 2017 by CRC Press
168 Pages 71 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Developments at the nanoscale are leading to new possibilities and challenges for nuclear applications in areas ranging from medicine to international commerce to atomic power production/waste treatment. Progress in nanotech is helping the nuclear industry slash the cost of energy production. It also continues to improve application reliability and safety measures, which remain a critical concern, especially since the reactor disasters in Japan.

Exploring the new wide-ranging landscape of nuclear function, Atomic Nanoscale Technology in the Nuclear Industry details the breakthroughs in nanoscale applications and methodologies that are revolutionizing power production, biotechnology, and material science.

Developments in atomic nanoscale technology have given us the ability to:

  • Use ion beams to Investigate and optimize radiation energy losses at the nanoscopic level
  • Assess nanoscopic safety circumstances involved in a reactor failure
  • Analyze characteristics of nuclear spacecraft operating in the nanogravity of deep space
  • Evaluate light collection enhancement for digital X-ray detection
  • Apply brachytherapy using radioisotopes for cancer therapy
  • Treat nuclear waste at the nanoscopic level
  • Use systems-thinking decision making to analyze financial progress of nanotech in the energy industry
  • Assess safety (and safety management methods) for nuclear nanomaterials used in plant operations

Representing a first step in multi-combinatorial research, this text incorporates advanced studies that use Monte Carlo and solid-state measurement (including radiation detection) methods. Researchers used these to demonstrate the potential to upgrade methods of radiation protection and nuclear reactor operation (safety, waste disposal, etc.). The author also addresses how we can use nanotechnology to address industrial concerns and enhance nuclear medicine techniques. He highlights several nanomaterial systems and devices to illustrate developments in this area.


About the Author:

Taeho Woo launched the specialized field of atomic multinology (interdisciplinary research of nuclear technology), which combines the application of information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology in the nuclear industry.

Table of Contents

Section I: Atomic Nanoscale Power

Nanoscopic Nuclear Waste Treatment Using Ion Beam Injection in a Drum-Type Container, T. Woo

Lattice Squeezed Nuclear Reaction (LSNR) of a Power Cell for Nanoscopic Investigations Using Ion Beam Injections, T. Woo and S. Noh

Safety Assessment Study in Nanoscopic Circumstances for an Accidental Cooling Loop Failure (ACLF) in a Lunar Nuclear Power Reactor (LNPR), T. Woo and Y. Kim

Analysis for Characteristics of Nuclear Spacecraft in a Nanogravity Environment for Deep Space Exploration, T. Woo and S. Lee


Section II: Atomic Nanoscale Biotechnology

Light Collection Enhancement Analysis for Digital X-Ray Detector Using Gd2O2S:Tb and CsI:Tl Phosphors in Nanoscale Treatment, T. Woo and T. Kim

Measurement Profiles of Nanoscale Ion Beam for Optimized Radiation Energy Losses, T. Woo and H. Cho

Brachytherapy for Nanoscale Cancer Therapy Using Radioisotopes, T. Woo


Section III: Atomic Nanoscale Material Management

Analysis for Nanotechnology Financial Progression in the Energy Industry Using Systems Thinking Decision Making, T. Woo and Y. Kim

Safeguard Assessment of Nanoscale Nuclear Material in Nuclear Power Plant Operations Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process and Production Function, T. Woo

Investigation of Safeguards Management for Operation Security of Nanoscale Nuclear Material in Nuclear Power Plants Using Game Theory, T. Woo




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Taeho Woo has worked in several areas of nuclear technology for industrial applications. His research fields range from basic nuclear physics to engineering applications. He launched the field of atomic multinology (interdisciplinary research of nuclear technology), which combines the application of information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology in the nuclear industry. This area could provide tremendous synergy and profitable creations for nuclear power economics.

Woo received his Ph.D and MSE in nuclear engineering from Seoul National University, South Korea, and his BS in nuclear engineering from Kyung Hee University, South Korea. He also earned an MS in nuclear engineering and radiological sciences from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He has focused on the most important factors in the industry—safety and economics using IT, BT, and NT. His work is in its nascent stages but could be valuable for research and development activities in the future.