1st Edition

Attention Deficit A Practitioner's Handbook

By Santo J. Triolo Copyright 1999
    242 Pages
    by Routledge

    250 Pages
    by Routledge

    Most clinicians rely on only an interview to diagnose ADHD in adults. With the recent media "overkill" about ADHD, more and more patients have already read numerous articles and books about the topic making it even harder for practitioners to differentiate between symptoms due to ADHD and symptoms of a hypersensitive patient. As a result, the clinician should no longer rely on just an interview but a more sphoisticated and reliable method.

    Attention Deficit: A Practitioner's Handbook offers practical guidance to diagnose ADHD with special consideration to comorbid and differential diagnoses. This volume also challenges practitioners to move beyond current diagnostic criteria and presents arguments for standardized testing in addition to the traditional interview. Insightful commentaries on major points of current controversy in this area of study are also highlighted. Dr. Triolo, author of the Attention Deficit Scales for Adults (ADSA), also discusses theoretical perspectives of ADHD and bridges the gap between the research and clinical practice. A most practical volume that clinicians will appreciate in their library.

    Introduction. Brief Historical Perspective. Contemporary Status. Theory. Recent Theoretical Perspectives. Neuropathological Theory. Critique of the Neuropathological Theory. Normative Theory. Critique of the Normative Theory. Unified Theory of ADHD. Critical Review of the Unified Theory. Theory Building. Understanding Normative Functions. Behavioral Categories of ADHD. Conclusions. DSM-IV Criteria: A Critique for the Diagnosis of Adults. Current Problems with the Diagnosis of Adult ADHD. The Need to Move Beyond the DSM-IV Criteria. Clinical Diagnosis of ADHD. Diagnostic Process. Medical Screening. Clinical interview to Address Symptoms and their History. Collateral Interview. Use of Standardized ADHD Inventories. Analysis of Personality and Emotions. Neuropsychological Testing. Case Studies. Introduction. Relatively Uncomplicated ADHD Cases. Mild ADHD. ADHD was Ruled Out. ADHD with Severe Multiple Comorbid Conditions. Undetermined Diagnosis. Conclusions. Psychotherapeutic Treatment of ADHD Adults. Psychotherapeutic Principles. Process in Psychotherapy. Treatment of Multiple Dysfunctions. Separate Treatment of Other Comorbid Conditions. Pharmacotherapy. Introduction. Stimulant Medications. Antidepressant Medications. Consideration of Alternative Medications. Combined Pharmacotherapy. Conclusions and Practical Recommendations. Epilogue.


    Santo J. Triolo