Attention and Performance XII : The Psychology of Reading book cover
1st Edition

Attention and Performance XII
The Psychology of Reading

ISBN 9781138641556
Published May 31, 2018 by Routledge
730 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1987 this volume presented a comprehensive state-of-the-art account of what was known about the psychology of reading at the time. All the fundamental aspects of reading are considered: visual attention, visual feature analysis, visual masking, letter and word recognition, priming effects, eye movements in reading, phonological processing, working memory and reading, parsing, sentence comprehension, and text integration. The subject of reading is approached from a variety of different theoretical perspectives, including cognitive psychology, connectionism, neuropsychology and linguistics. This broad and comprehensive review will still be of value for undergraduate and graduate teaching as well as research workers engaged in experimental or theoretical investigations of any aspect of the psychology of reading.

Table of Contents

Preface  Part 1: Association Lecture  1. The Case for Interactionism in Language Processing James L. McClelland  Part 2: Early Visual Processing and Reading – Attention, Masking, and Priming  2. Attention and Reading: Wholes and Parts in Shape Recognition – A Tutorial Review John Duncan  3. Attentional Issues in the Identification of Alphanumeric Characters Harold Pashler and Peter C. Badgio  4. Early Parallel Processing in Reading: A Connectionist Approach Michael C. Mozer  5. Orthographic Priming: Qualitative Differences Between Priming from Identified and Unidentified Primes G.W. Humphreys, L.J. Evett, P.T. Quinlan and D. Besner  6. Form-priming with Masked Primes: The Best Match Hypothesis Kenneth I. Forster  7. Record-based Word Recognition Kim Kirsner, John Dunn and Peter Standen  Part 3: Word Recognition  8. Word Recognition: A Tutorial Review Leslie Henderson  9. Word Frequency and Pattern Distortion in Visual Word Identification and Production: An Examination of Four Classes of Models Derek Besner and Robert S. McCann  10. Frequency and Pronounceability in Visually Presented Naming and Lexical Decision Tasks Kenneth R. Paap, James E. McDonald, Roger W. Schvaneveldt and Ronald W. Noel  11. Sublexical Structures in Visual Word Recognition: Access Units or Orthographic Redundancy? Mark S. Seidenberg  12. Morphographic Processing: The BOSS Re-emerges Marcus Taft  13. Are There Onset- and Rime-like Units in Printed Words? Rebecca Treiman and Jill Chafetz  14. Nonvisual Orthographic Processing and the Orthographic Input Lexicon Stephen Monsell  Part 4: Eye Movements and Reading  15. Eye Movements in Reading: A Tutorial Review Keith Rayner and Alexander Pollatsek  16. Eye-movement Strategy and Tactics in Word Recognition and Reading J. Kevin O’Regan and Ariane Lévy-Schoen  17. Visual Attention During Eye Fixations While Reading George W. McConkie and David Zola  18. Parafoveal Word Perception During Eye Fixations in Reading: Effects of Visual Salience and Word Structure Albrecht Werner Inhoff  Part 5: Phonological Processing and Reading  19. Phonological Processes in Reading: A Tutorial Review Karalyn Patterson and Veronika Coltheart  20. Anatomical Differences Between Nose, Palm, and Foot, or, the Body in Question: Further Dissection of the Processes of Sub-lexical Spelling-sound Translation Janice Kay and Dorothy Bishop  21. The Assembly of Phonology in Oral Reading: A New Model Patrick Brown and Derek Besner  22. Working Memory and Reading Skill Re-examined Meredyth Daneman and Twila Tardif  23. Sentence Comprehension and Phonological Memory: Some Neuropsychological Evidence Alan Baddeley, Giuseppe Vallar and Barbara Wilson  24. Working Memory and Written Sentence Comprehension Gloria Waters, David Caplan and Nancy Hildebrandt  Part 6: Sentence Processing and Text Integration  25. Sentence Processing: A Tutorial Review Lyn Frazier  26. Syntactic Parsing: In Search of the Garden Path V. M. Holmes  27. Lexical Guidance in Human Parsing: Locus and Processing Characteristics D. C. Mitchell  28. Syntactic Processing During Reading for Comprehension Giovanni B. Flores d’Arcais  29. Discourse Structure and Anaphora: Some Experimental Results Charles Clifton, Jr. and Fernanda Ferreira  30. Forms of Coding in Sentence Comprehension During Reading Maria Black, Max Coltheart and Sally Byng  31. Language Processing and Linguistic Explanation Amy Weinberg.  Attention and Performance Symposia: Modus Operandi.  Author Index.  Subject Index.

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