1st Edition

Attention in Action Advances from Cognitive Neuroscience

Edited By Glyn Humphreys, Jane Riddoch Copyright 2005
    408 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    384 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Over the past forty years much work has assessed how attention modulates perception, but relatively little work has evaluated the role of attention in action. This is despite the fact that recent research indicates that the relation between attention and action is a crucial factor in human performance. Attention in Action provides state-of-the-art discussion of the role of attention in action and of action in constraining attention. The research takes an interdisciplinary approach covering experimental studies of attention and action, neuropsychological studies of patients with impaired action and attention, single cell studies of cross-modal links in attention and action, and brain imaging studies on the underlying neural circuitry. Contributions from prominent international researchers both review the field and present new evidence, making this book an invaluable resource for researchers and therapists alike.

    Part 1. Functional Processes. G. W. Humphreys, M. J. Riddoch, K. L. Linnell, D. J. Punt, M. G. Edwards, A. M. Wing, Attending to What You are Doing: Neuropsychological and Experimental Evidence for Interactions between Perception and Action. A. Cohen, H. Magen, Hierarchical Systems of Attention and Action. H. Deubel, W. X. Schneider, Attentional Selection in Sequential Manual Movements, Movements around an Obstacle and in Grasping. W. Prinz, S. de Maeght, L. Kunf, Intention in Action. T. Astor-Jack, P. Haggard, Intention and Reactivity. A. Hannus, S.F.W. Neggers, F.W. Cornelissen, H. Bekkering, Selective Attention for Action: New Evidence from Visual Search Studies. N. Lavie, Attention and Inaction: Mechanisms for Preventing Distractor Responses. S. Grison, K. Kessler, M. A. Paul, H. Jordan, S. P. Tipper, Object- and Location-based Inhibition in Goal Directed Action: Inhibition of Return Reveals Behavioural and Anatomical Dissociations and Interactions with Memory Processes. Part 2. Neural Processes. M. S. A. Graziano, C. S. R. Taylor, D. F. Cooke, T. Moore, A Map of Complex Movements in Motor Cortex of Primates. M. F. S. Rushworth, A. Ellison, Spatial Representations and Attentional Systems for Action in the Parietal Cortex. R. E. Passingham, J. B. Rowe, K. Sakai, Prefrontal Cortex and Attention to Action. H. Chapman, M. Gavrilescu, M. Kean, G. Egan, U. Castiello, A Neuroimaging Study of Selection-for-action: A Reach-to-grasp Study. S. R. Jackson, R. Newport, D. Mort, M. Husain, G. M. Jackson, R. Swainson, S. Pears, B. Wilson, Action Binding and the Parietal Lobes: Some New Perspectives on Optic Ataxia. R. Ward, S. Danziger, Selective Attention and Response Control following Damage to the Human Pulvinar.


    Glyn W. Humphreys is Professor of Cognitive Psychology. He is a recipient of the British Psychological Society's Spearman Medal (1986), the Cognitive Psychology Prize (1999) and the President's Award (1999). M. Jane Riddoch is Professor of Neuropsychology. She is the author of four books and over one hundred papers on the neuropsychology of vision, attention and action.

    "Attention in Action is a rich compendium of previous findings and a stimulating source of new information about previously unpublished results. The book signals the emergence of a burgeoning area of study in cognitive neuroscience and kindred fields." - David A. Rosenbaum, Pennsylvania State University, USA

    "The immensely rich, two-way interaction between selective perception and intended or ongoing action has become one of the hottest topics in cognitive science, where perception-action integration is now centre-stage. This volume exemplifies some of the most exciting work being done in this dynamic and rapidly growing area of research, by many of its leading contributors." - Alan Allport, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, UK

    "Cognitive neuroscientists will find what they are looking for in this book, which presents convincing research findings and gives detailed descriptions of new theories of attention systems."Clinical Psychology Forum 189, September 2008