1st Edition

Audio Control Handbook For Radio and Television Broadcasting

By Robert S. Oringel Copyright 1989

    Audio Control Handbook (1989) employs a step-by-step approach to prepare students for audio work in the broadcast industry, covering real-life principles, tools and procedures. It uses clear, nontechnical language to look at the effective use of standard audio equipment, from basic microphones and control boards to digital signal processors and tape recorders.

    1. Introduction to Audio Control  2. Control Board Equipment Basics  3. Audio Signal Processing  4. Professional Control Boards  5. Console Input Facilities  6. Console Inputs  7. Disk Recording, Tape Recording and Tape Editing  8. Patching  9. Levels, Balance and Operating Techniques  10. Record Cue-Up, Record Start and Playback  11. Microphone Use Techniques  12. Microphone Setups  13. The Program as the Operator Sees It  14. Studio–Control Room Communication  15. Remote Broadcasts and Recordings  16. The Effects of Studio Design on Sound Quality  17. Trade Unionism in the Broadcasting and Recording Industries  18. The Audio Operator and the FCC  19. Other Members of the Broadcast Team


    Robert S. Oringel