1st Edition

Audio and Video Systems

By M. L. Anand Copyright 2025
    584 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book details the important concepts in the study of audio and video systems. It covers the basics of audio and video engineering, communication and radar systems, optical fibers, and consumer electronics. It is aimed at B. Tech and Diploma students and also includes assessment questions for better understanding and practice.

    The subject matter of this book also discusses:

    • Sound Synthesis
    • Need of F.M. (Frequency Modulation) for Video Recording
    • Turnstile Array
    • Delta Gun Colour Picture Tube
    • Snell’s Law

    Print edition not for sale in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Bhutan)


    1. Basic Concepts: Audio Engineering

    2. Audio and Video Amplifiers

    3. Sinusoidal Oscillators

    4. Microphones, Loudspeakers and P.A. System

    5. Audio Recording, Hi-Fi and Stereo

    6. Video Engineering VCR, VCD and DVD

    7. Communication Systems and Radio Receivers

    8. Antennas

    9. Basics of Television and Monochrome TV

    10. Colour Televisions

    11. Facsimile (FAX)

    12. Radar Systems

    13. Telegraphy and Telephony

    14. Satellite Communication

    15. Transmission Lines, Cables and Waveguides

    16. Optical Fibre Cables

    17. Consumer Devices



    M. L. Anand is Consultant Engineer.