2nd Edition

Auditing Organizational Communication A Handbook of Research, Theory and Practice

Edited By Owen Hargie, Dennis Tourish Copyright 2009
    520 Pages
    by Routledge

    520 Pages
    by Routledge

    Auditing Organizational Communication is a thoroughly revised and updated new edition of the successful Handbook of Communication Audits for Organizations, which has established itself as a core text in the field of organizational communication. Research studies consistently show the importance of effective communication for business success. They also underscore the necessity for organizations to put in place validated techniques to enable them to systematically measure and monitor their communications. This Handbook equips readers with the vital analytic tools required to conduct such assessments.

    Owen Hargie, Dennis Tourish and distinguished contributors drawn from both industry and academia:

    • provide a comprehensive analysis of research, theory and practice pertaining to the communication audit approach
    • review the main options confronting organizations embarking on audit
    • discuss the merits and demerits of the approaches available
    • provide case studies of the communication audit process in action
    • illustrate how findings can be interpreted so that suitable recommendations can be framed
    • outline how reports emanating from such audits should be constructed.

    This second edition arrives at a time of considerable growing interest in the area. A large volume of research has been published since the last edition of the book, and the text has been comprehensively updated by reviewing this wealth of data. In addition, new chapters on social network analysis and auditing the communication revolution have been added, together with new case study chapters illustrating audits in action.

    Editorial Introduction. Part 1. Audits in Context. D. Tourish, O. Hargie, Communication and Organisational Success. D. Tourish, O. Hargie, Auditing Communication to Maximise Performance. Part 2. Audit Methodologies. P. Clampitt, The Questionnaire Approach. R. Millar, A. Tracey, The Interview Approach. D. Dickson, The Focus Group Approach. O. Hargie, D. Tourish, Data Collection Log-sheet Methods. K. Zwijze-Koning, M. de Jong, Social Network Analysis. O. Hargie, D. Tourish, Auditing Professional Practice. O. Hargie, D. Tourish, Auditing the Communications Revolution. D. Tourish, O. Hargie, Crafting the Audit Report. Part 3. Audits in Action. O. Hargie, D. Tourish, Charting Communication Performance in a Health Care Organisation. M. Skipper, O. Hargie, D. Tourish, Communication Audit of a Hospital Clinic. P. Clampitt, L. Berk, A Communication Audit of a Paper Mill. N. Tourish, D. Tourish, O. Hargie, Auditing Corporate Leadership. C. Downs, A. Hydeman, A. Adrian, Redesigning a Communication Event through External Audits. D. McAleese, O. Hargie, D. Tourish, Auditing Corporate Culture. D. Quinn, O. Hargie, D. Tourish, Auditing a Major Police Organisation. J. Gray, H. Laidlaw, Auditing a Major Retail Chain. C. Mills, A Study of Sensemaking and CEO Change. Part 4. Final Considerations. D. Tourish, O. Hargie, Strategy, Pedagogy and Research: The Role of Audits.


    Owen Hargie is Professor of Communication at the University of Ulster, and Dennis Tourish is a Professor at Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University. They have previously co-authored Key Issues in Organizational Communication, Communication in Management, and Communication Skills for Effective Management.

    'This is a terrific book which advances theoretical and applied knowledge about the purpose, conduct and outcomes of communication audits. The editors are two of the UK's leading scholars in organisational communication who are also both experts at carrying out audits in a variety of organisations and sectors. It's hardly surprising then that this is a most insightful text.'- Christine Daymon, Curtin Business School, Curtin University of Technology, Australia