Auditory Processing of Complex Sounds  book cover
1st Edition

Auditory Processing of Complex Sounds

ISBN 9781138655768
Published May 31, 2018 by Routledge
344 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1987, this book is the result of a workshop on the processing of complex sounds held in 1986. All of the important contributions that are being made to understanding auditory processing of complex sounds could not be included in a single volume. However, the chapters do touch base with many of the lines of research and theory on complex sound and its perception at the time, and was felt that they should provide both food for thought and a broad introduction to the literature on a topic that the editors were sure would be studied intensely in the following couple of decades.

Table of Contents

Preface.  Introduction: Auditory Processing of Complex Sounds W.A. Yost and C.S. Watson  Section 1: Spectral Pattern Processing: Interaction among Critical Bands, Profile Analysis, and Co-Modulation Masking Release  1. The Detection of Spectral Shape Change L. R. Bernstein, V. Richards and D.M. Green  2. Auditory Discrimination of Complex Sounds: The Effects of Amplitude Perturbation on Spectral Shape Discrimination G. Kidd, Jr.  3. Spectral and Temporal Comparisons in Auditory Masking R. H. Gilkey  4. Simultaneous Masking by Small Numbers of Sinusoids under Conditions of Uncertainty D.L. Neff and B.P. Callaghan  5. Discrimination of Frequency Ratios N.F. Viemeister and D.A. Fantini  6. Experiments on Comodulation Masking Release J.W. Hall, III  7. Central and Peripheral Factors Aiding Signal Detection with Complex Stimuli R.P. Carlyon  8. Demodulation Processes in Auditory Perception L.L. Feth and L.J. Stover  Section 2: Temporal Pattern Processing: Rhythm, Spectral Synchrony, Amplitude-Modulation, and Binaural Precedence  9. The Perception of Repetitive Auditory Temporal Patterns D.A. Robin, F.L. Royer, and P.J. Abbas  10. Computational Models of Tonal Sequence Discrimination R.D. Sorkin  11. On the Significance of Spectral Synchrony for Signal Detection T. Houtgast  12. Temporal Fluctuations and the Discrimination of Spectrally Dense Signals by Human Listeners W.M. Hartmann  13. Perception of the Temporal Envelope of Amplitude-Modulated Noise by Hearing-Impaired Listeners C. Formby  14. On Creating a Precedent for Binaural Patterns: When is an Echo an Echo? P.L. Divenyi and J. Blauert  Section 3: Pitch of Complex Sounds: Virtual Pitch, Central Spectrum, Theories, and Animal Models  15. Gestalt Principles and Music Perception E. Terhardt  16. A Pulse Ribbon Model of Peripheral Auditory Processing R.D. Patterson  17. The Perception of Inharmonic Complex Tones B.C.J. Moore  18. Complex Spectral Patterns with Interaural Differences: Dichotic Pitch and the ‘Central Spectrum’ W.A. Yost, P.J. Harder and R.H. Dye  19. Comparative Aspects of Complex Acoustic Perception S.H. Hulse  Section 4: Auditory Peripheral Physiology: Rate and Synchrony Codes  20. Rate Coding in the Auditory-Nerve R.L. Winslow, P.E. Barta and M.B. Sachs  21. Periodicity Coding in Cochlear Nerve and Ventral Cochlear Nucleus S. Greenburg and W.S. Rhode  22. Coding of Complex Tones in Temporal Response Patterns of Auditory Nerve Fibers E. Javel, J.W. Horst and G.R. Farley  Section 5: Speech Perception: Speech versus Non-Speech perception and a New Model  23. Auditory Perception of Complex Sounds: Some Comparisons of Speech vs. Non-Speech Signals D.B. Pisoni  24. Auditory-Perceptual Processing of Speech Waveforms J.D. Miller  Section 6: Perceptual Organization of Complex Sounds: Informational Masking, Stimulus Uncertainty, Learning, Attention, Memory, and Stream Segregation  25. Uncertainty, Informational Masking, and the Capacity of Immediate Auditory Memory C.S. Watson  26. Directed Attention in Complex Sound Perception M.R. Leek  27. Auditory Memory: Procedures to Examine Two Phases N. Cowan  28. Concurrent Pitch Segregation M. Kubovy.  Subject Index.  Author Index.

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