1st Edition

August Jaeger: Portrait of Nimrod Portrait of Nimrod: A Life in Letters and Other Writings

By Kevin Allen Copyright 2017

    This title was first published in 2000:  August Jaeger was one of Elgar's most devoted supporters and was the subject of one of Elgar's most inspired movements, the Nimrod variation. This study explores the correspondence between Jaeger and the famous English composer.

    Part 1: 1860-1904: 'And your young men shall see visions'   1. 1860-95: Dusseldorf to London 2. 1896-97: Composers Old and New  3. 1898: The Russian Campaign  4. 1899: A Quaint Idee  5. 1900: Mystic, Sublime, Superb  6. 1901: 'I must wax enthusiastic over somthing...'7. 1902: Kensington to Muswell Hill  8. 1903: 'Let someone other than Jaeger give answer!'  9. 1904: Remission and Relapse  Part 2: 1905-09: Prison of Hope  10. 1905: 'This Godforsaken, lonely Hole'  11. 1906: Please not lose hero  12. 1907: Dum Spiro Spero  13. 1908: The Road to Hell  14. 1909: 'I can no more...'  15. In Memory of a Seer 


    Kevin Allen