1st Edition

Australian Policing Critical Issues in 21st Century Police Practice

Edited By Philip Birch, Michael Kennedy, Erin Kruger Copyright 2021
    524 Pages
    by Routledge

    524 Pages
    by Routledge

    This edited collection brings together leading academics, researchers, and police personnel to provide a comprehensive body of literature that informs Australian police education, training, research, policy, and practice. There is a strong history and growth in police education, both in Australia and globally. Recognising and reflecting on the Australian and New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) education and training framework, the range of chapters within the book address a range of 21st-century issues modern police forces face. This book discusses four key themes:

    • Education, training, and professional practice: topics include police education, ethics, wellbeing, and leadership
    • Organisational approaches and techniques: topics include police discretion, use of force, investigative interviewing, and forensic science
    • Operational practices and procedures: topics include police and the media, emergency management, cybercrime, terrorism, and community management
    • Working with individuals and groups: topics include mental health, Indigenous communities, young people, hate crime, domestic violence, and working with victims

    Australian Policing: Critical Issues in 21st Century Police Practice draws together theoretical and practice debates to ensure this book will be of interest to those who want to join the police, those who are currently training to become a police officer, and those who are currently serving. This book is essential reading for all students, scholars, and researchers engaged with policing and the criminal justice sector.


    Foreword by Michael Fuller


    Examining Australian Policing in the 21st Century

    Section 1: Education, Training, and Professional Practice

    1. Police Education in Australia
    2. Colin Rogers and Emma Wintle

    3. Becoming a pracademic: The importance of lifelong learning as a police officer in the 21st Century
    4. Melanie Boursnell and Philip Birch

    5. Police Leadership in the 21st Century
    6. Graham Sunderland and Ian Stewart

    7. The Incorporation of Multidisciplinary Approaches to Enhance Police Communication Strategies
    8. Ken Wooden

    9. A Critical Social Justice Issue of Our Time: Enabling Police Wellbeing
    10. Rhonda Craven, Herbert W. Marsh, Richard M. Ryan, Paul W.B. Atkins, Theresa Dicke, Jiesi Guo, Peter Gallagher, Brooke Van Zanden, Michael Kennedy, and Philip Birch

    11. Ethics and Police Practice
    12. Alan Beckley and Michael Kennedy

      Section 2: Organisational approaches and techniques

    13. Discretion: the elephant in the room
    14. Mark Findlay

    15. Criminal Intelligence in Australia
    16. Troy Whitford and Shane Lysons-Smith

    17. Investigative Interviewing and Police Practice
    18. Daren Jay and Gary Pankhurst

    19. Forensic Science in Policing
    20. Glenn Porter

    21. Police use of force: An examination of Australian Policing
    22. Dragana Kesic and Stuart D.M. Thomas

    23. Working with Others: Future Policing Partnerships
    24. Douglas E. Abrahamson and Jane Goodman-Delahunty

    25. Policing and Security: critiquing the privatisation story in Australia
    26. Rick Sarre and Tim Prenzler

      Section 3: Operational Practices and Procedures

    27. Police, Media, and the Digital age in Australia
    28. John Gaffey

    29. Public health and its interface with police practice in the 21st century
    30. Stuart D.M. Thomas

    31. Emergency Management and the role of state police
    32. Ian Manock and Simon Robinson

    33. Community Safety, Crime Prevention, and 21st Century policing
    34. Tim Prenzler and Rick Sarre

    35. Terrorism and the role of State Police
    36. Nick Kaldas

    37. Organised and Transnational Crime: The impact on Australian police
    38. Anthony Morgan, Rick Brown, Isabella Voce, and Timothy Cubitt

    39. Policing Cybercrime: An Inside Look at Private and Public Cybercrime Investigations
    40. Alana Maurushat and Hadeel Al-Alosi

    41. Australian Police Officers and International Policing Practice
    42. Kelly Moylan, Irena Veljanova, Michael Kennedy, and Philip Birch

      Section 4: Working with individuals and groups

    43. Mental Health and the Policing Context
    44. Erin Kruger

    45. Young people, the Police, and Policing
    46. Philip Birch and Louise A. Sicard

    47. Policing Settler Colonial Societies
    48. Amanda Porter and Chris Cunneen

    49. Hate Crime: Insights into the context, setting, and prevalence
    50. Philip Birch and Jane L. Ireland

    51. Policing Interpersonal Violence
    52. Mark R. Kebbell and Janet M. Evans

    53. Policing Domestic and Family Violence
    54. Christopher Dowling, Hayley Boxall, and Anthony Morgan

    55. Police interaction with vulnerable victims

    Amber McKinley


    Philip Birch is Associate Professor of Criminology and Policing in the Centre for Law and Justice at Charles Sturt University, Australia.

    Michael Kennedy has been a senior lecturer in the Western Sydney University Bachelor of Policing programme since 2004.

    Erin Kruger is a lecturer in criminology and policing at Western Sydney University. 

    "Birch, Kennedy and Kruger provide a well-balanced book in terms of theory and its integration to the real world of policing. This book serves an incredibly important purpose of not only supporting those who work in the field, but by providing academic institutions that teach policing, law enforcement and public safety courses a useful and meaningful text. It is an essential read for anyone involved in or who has an interest in the field of policing, especially in Australia."

    Commissioner Michael Fuller APM, New South Wales Police Force, Australia