1st Edition

Authority and Consent in Tudor England Essays Presented to C.S.L. Davies

Edited By George Bernard, Steven Gunn Copyright 2002

    Brought together as a tribute to the distinguished Tudor historian C.S.L. Davies, the essays in this collection address key themes in the current historiography of the Tudor period. These include the nature, causes and consequences of change in English government, society and religion, the relationship of centre, localities and peripheral areas in the Tudor state, the regulation of belief and conduct, and the dynamics of England's relations with her neighbours. The contributors, colleagues and students of Cliff Davies, are all leading scholars who have provided fresh and interesting essays reflecting the wide ranging inquisitiveness characteristic of his own work. They seek to cross as he has done the traditional boundaries between the medieval and early modern periods and between social, political and religious history. A coherent collection in their own right, these essays, by showing the many new directions open to those studying the Tudor period, provide a fitting tribute to such an influential scholar.

    Contents: Cliff Davies at Wadham, Jane Garnett and Pat Thompson; Cliff Davies the tutor, Philip Waller, John Robertson and Martin Conway; Cliff Davies the historian, George Bernard and Steven Gunn; Was there a Renaissance style of politics in 15th-century England?, David Rundle; The Policie in Christen Remes: Bishop Russell’s parliamentary sermons of 1483-84, John Watts; Thorns in the flesh: English kings and uncooperative Scottish rulers, 1460-1549, Jenny Wormald; Regulating sex in pre-Reformation London, Martin Ingram; The English Reformation: report from a stationary train, Colin Richmond; The tyranny of Henry VIII, G.W. Bernard; War, dynasty and public opinion in Early Tudor England, Steven Gunn; The vernacular litany of 1544 during the reign of Henry VIII, Roger Bowers; O Lorde save the kyng: Tudor royal propaganda and the power of prayer, J.P.D. Cooper; The English king’s French islands: Jersey and Guernsey in English politics and administration, 1485-1642, Tim Thornton; The witch’s familiar in Elizabethan England, James Sharpe; Improvement, policy and Tudor towns, Peter Clark; The real, attempted Tudor revolution in government: Salisbury’s 1610 Great Contract, Neil Cuddy; A bibliography of C.S.L. Davies, 1962-2001, James Ross; Index.


    George Bernard, Steven Gunn

    '... this is a stimulating and wide-ranging collection and provides a fitting tribute to one of the most influential post-war historians of late medieval and early modern England.' The Ricardian 'Full of compelling pieces, some of the most engaging work investigates power relations from perspectives that modify traditional models of political authority... Excellent work abounds in this collection.' Reformation ’... one will find in its well crafted and well documented essays a representative sampling of current thinking on the nature and import of the Reformation in England. Well worth reading.’ The Tyndale Society Journal