1st Edition

Authorship Contested Cultural Challenges to the Authentic, Autonomous Author

Edited By Amy E. Robillard, Ron Fortune Copyright 2016
    228 Pages
    by Routledge

    228 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This volume explores a dimension of authorship not given its due in the critical discourse to this point—authorship contested. Much of the existing critical literature begins with a text and the proposition that the text has an author. The debates move from here to questions about who the author is, whether or not the author’s identity is even relevant, and what relationship she or he does and does not have to the text. The authors contributing to this collection, however, ask about circumstances surrounding efforts to prevent authors from even being allowed to have these questions asked of them, from even being identified as authors. They ask about the political, cultural, economic and social circumstances that motivate a prospective audience to resist an author’s efforts to have a text published, read, and discussed. Particularly noteworthy is the range of everyday rhetorical situations in which contesting authorship occurs—from the production of a corporate document to the publication of fan fiction. Each chapter also focuses on particular instances in which authorship has been contested, demonstrating how theories about various forms of contested authorship play out in a range of events, from the complex issues surrounding peer review to authorship in the age of intelligent machines.

    Foreword Rebecca Moore Howard  Introduction Amy E. Robillard and Ron Fortune  Part 1: Contrived Authorship  1. A Gay Girl in Damascus: Multi-vocal Construction and Refutation of Authorial Ethos Julia Marie Smith  2. Writing in the Dead Zone: Authorship in the Age of Intelligent Machines Kyle Jensen  3. Writers Who Forge: Forgery as a Response to Contested Authorship Ron Fortune  Part 2: Distributed Authorship  4. Authorial Ethos as Location: How Technical Manuals Embody Authorial Ethos without Authors Erin A. Frost and Kellie Sharp-Hoskins  5. The Kairos of Authorship in Activist Rhetoric Seth Kahn and Kevin Mahoney  6. In the Author’s Hands: Contesting Authorship and Ownership in Fan Fiction Rachel Parish  Part 3: Excluded Authorship  7. Writing After Stonewall: The Lost Forms of Gay Authorship James Zebroski  8. The Sound of Silence: Defense of Marriage, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and Post-Authorship Theory Paul Butler  9. The Emotional Contests of Peer Review Amy E. Robillard  Part 4: Nascent Authorship  10. ‘I Feel Like this is Fake’: Spontaneous Mediocrity and Studied Genius Val Perry Rendel  11. Student Intellectual Property in the Age of Permissions: Fostering a Gift Economy in First-Year Writing Programs Matt Hollrah  12. Authorizing Plagiarism Joseph Harris


    Amy E. Robillard is Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Illinois State University, USA

    Ron Fortune is Professor Emeritus of English Emeritus at Illinois State University, USA

    "Drawing on a range of both print and online situations and cases, such as forgeries, exclusions, silences, deceptive online personas, and denied authorship, this exciting new collection offers us engaging and complex perspectives on the concept of contested authorship." -- Chris Anson, North Carolina State University, USA