1st Edition

Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook

Edited By Nicolas Navet, Francoise Simonot-Lion Copyright 2009
    506 Pages 159 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    A Clear Outline of Current Methods for Designing and Implementing Automotive Systems

    Highlighting requirements, technologies, and business models, the Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of existing and future automotive electronic systems. It presents state-of-the-art methodological and technical solutions in the areas of in-vehicle architectures, multipartner development processes, software engineering methods, embedded communications, and safety and dependability assessment.

    Divided into four parts, the book begins with an introduction to the design constraints of automotive-embedded systems. It also examines AUTOSAR as the emerging de facto standard and looks at how key technologies, such as sensors and wireless networks, will facilitate the conception of partially and fully autonomous vehicles. The next section focuses on networks and protocols, including CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and TTCAN. The third part explores the design processes of electronic embedded systems, along with new design methodologies, such as the virtual platform. The final section presents validation and verification techniques relating to safety issues.

    Providing domain-specific solutions to various technical challenges, this handbook serves as a reliable, complete, and well-documented source of information on automotive embedded systems.


    Automotive Architectures

    Vehicle Functional Domains and Their Requirements
    Françoise Simonot-Lion and Yvon Trinquet

    Application of the AUTOSAR Standard
    Stefan Voget, Michael Golm, Bernard Sanchez, and Friedhelm Stappert

    Intelligent Vehicle Technologies
    Michel Parent and Patrice Bodu

    Embedded Communications

    A Review of Embedded Automotive Protocols
    Nicolas Navet and Françoise Simonot-Lion

    FlexRay Protocol
    Bernhard Schätz, Christian Kühnel, and Michael Gonschorek

    Dependable Automotive CANs
    Juan Pimentel, Julian Proenza, Luis Almeida, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Manuel Barranco, and Joaquim Ferreira

    Embedded Software and Development Processes

    Product Lines in Automotive Electronics
    Matthias Weber and Mark-Oliver Reiser

    Reuse of Software in Automotive Electronics
    Andreas Krüger, Bernd Hardung, and Thorsten Kölzow

    Automotive Architecture Description Languages
    Henrik Lönn and Ulrich Freund

    Model-Based Development of Automotive Embedded Systems
    Martin Törngren, DeJiu Chen, Diana Malvius, and Jakob Axelsson

    Verification, Testing, and Timing Analysis

    Testing Automotive Control Software
    Mirko Conrad and Ines Fey

    Testing and Monitoring of FlexRay-Based Applications
    Roman Pallierer and Thomas M. Galla

    Timing Analysis of CAN-Based Automotive Communication Systems
    Thomas Nolte, Hans A. Hansson, Mikael Nolin, and Sasikumar Punnekkat

    Scheduling Messages with Offsets on Controller Area Network—A Major Performance Boost
    Mathieu Grenier, Lionel Havet, and Nicolas Navet

    Formal Methods in the Automotive Domain: The Case of TTA
    Holger Pfeifer



    Navet, Nicolas; Simonot-Lion, Francoise

    "Written for students in electrical and industrial engineering, this textbook describes the computer-based embedded systems commonly used in modern automobiles, and how AUTOSAR standards continue to evolve toward the creation of autonomous vehicles in the future. Editors Navet and Simonot-Lion have obtained information from leading experts to describe in-vehicle architectures, software engineering, embedded communications and safety assessment technologies currently being introduced to the automotive industry. These contributors also explain networks and protocols such as CAN, LIN, TTCAN and FlexRay as well as the use of virtual platforms in the design process."—Research Book News, June 2009