1st Edition

Autonomous Driving Network Network Architecture in the Era of Autonomy

    399 Pages 144 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Aiming to outline the vision of realizing automated and intelligent communication networks in the era of intelligence, this book describes the development history, application scenarios, theories, architectures, and key technologies of Huawei's Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) solution.

    In the book, the authors explain the design of the top-level architecture, hierarchical architecture (ANE, NetGraph, and AI Native NE), and key feature architecture (distributed AI and endogenous security) that underpin Huawei's ADN solution. The book delves into various key technologies, including trustworthy AI, distributed AI, digital twin, network simulation, digitization of knowledge and expertise, human-machine symbiosis, NE endogenous intelligence, and endogenous security. It also provides an overview of the standards and level evaluation methods defined by industry and standards organizations, and uses Huawei's ADN solution as an example to illustrate how to implement AN.

    This book is an essential reference for professionals and researchers who want to gain a deeper understanding of automated and intelligent communication networks and their applications.

    1. Introduction  2. Birth of ADN  3. Application Scenarios of ADN  4 . Fundamental Theories of ADN  5 . Reference Architecture of ADN  6 . Key Technologies of ADN  7 . Industry Standards  8 . Level Evaluation of ADN  9 . ADN Solution  10 . Summary and Outlook


    Wenshuan Dang is Chief Strategy Architect of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and Director of Huawei Future Network Research Dept, Director of Huawei ADN Research Project Execution Team. He leads research on architectural innovation in ICT, plans strategic initiatives, and promotes strategy implementation and communication. He currently focuses on cloud computing, 5G evolution and its applications, 6G networks, AI and its applications in various industries, ICT technologies and subsystems for autonomous driving vehicles, and solutions for vertical industries.

    River Huang is CTO of Huawei's ADN domain. With 22 years of experience in managing and designing network products and solutions, he has led the architecture research and design of various products and solutions, including the general software platform for network products, core routers, SDN, and fixed network management, control, and analysis platforms. He is now responsible for developing and implementing the ADN strategy, as well as designing the top-level architecture and technology roadmaps for ADN products, platforms, and common components.

    Yijun Yu is Director of Huawei ADN Research Dept and senior research expert in autonomous systems. With 18 years of experience in wireless network research, innovation, product development, and design, he has led innovative research on many key 4G/5G technologies, including wireless, core network, network management, SDN/NFV/cloud computing, and other service domains. He is now responsible for innovative research on Huawei's ADN solution.

    Yong Zhang is Chief Research Expert of Huawei's ADN solution. With 22 years of experience in R&D and planning of management software products for communications networks, he has led the architecture research and design of network management systems for optical networks and FMC networks. He is now responsible for ADN L5 topic research and focuses on the basic theories, reference architecture, evolution pace, and key technologies of L5.