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Avebury Series in Philosophy: Avebury Series in Philosophy

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A long-established Avebury Series in Philosophy has built an international reputation for its cutting-edge research across the breadth of the discipline. The series includes new critical work from young scholars as well as leading research from established names worldwide.

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Genetic Imaginations Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Human Genome Research

Genetic Imaginations: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Human Genome Research

1st Edition

By Peter Glasner, Harry Rothman
May 28, 1998

The title of this book derives from C. Wright Mills’ classic The Sociological Imagination (Penguin, 1970), in which he sees the essential project of social science as the use of the imagination to 'grasp history and biography and the relations between the two in society'. This enables the social ...

Mind, Self and Interiority

Mind, Self and Interiority

1st Edition

By Thomas Duddy
October 24, 1995

Contemporary philosophers of mind often raise serious questions around the concepts of self, subjectivity, and ’the inner life’ on the grounds that such concepts have their origin in a discredited Cartesian metaphysics. The contention of this book is that the rejection of ’interiority’ and ...

The Answers Lie Within Us Towards a Science of the Human Spirit

The Answers Lie Within Us: Towards a Science of the Human Spirit

1st Edition

By Alistair Sinclair
August 17, 1998

This book suggests that religion, in its usual sense, can be replaced by something better, that the human spirit or subjectivity can be the subject of scientific study and that lack of purpose or design in the universe is not a handicap but a positive opportunity for intelligent beings to make of ...

Reasoning in Ethics and Law The Role of Theory Principles and Facts

Reasoning in Ethics and Law: The Role of Theory Principles and Facts

1st Edition

By Albert W. Musschenga, Wim J. van der Steen
October 28, 1999

Legal and moral reasoning share much methodology, and they address similar problems. This volume charts two shared problems: the relation between theory, principles and particular judgments; and the role of facts and factual assertions in normative settings. The relation between 'theory' and '...

Historical Foundations of Informal Logic

Historical Foundations of Informal Logic

1st Edition

By Douglas Walton, Alan Brinton
November 10, 2016

In just the last twenty years there has arisen a strong interest, especially among teachers of logic at the universities, in teaching techniques of applied logical reasoning and critical thinking. Many universities are now stressing these skills at an introductory level, and to meet the need, ...

Schopenhauer's Early Fourfold Root Translation and Commentary

Schopenhauer's Early Fourfold Root: Translation and Commentary

1st Edition

By F. C. White
November 10, 2016

Schopenhauer’s Early Fourfold Root constitutes a landmark in Schopenhaurian scholarship. It is a translation with concise commentary of Schopenhauer’s doctoral thesis as submitted to the University of Jena and published at Rudolstadt in 1813. In spite of the great and increasing interest in the ...

The Webbs, Fabianism and Feminism Fabianism and the Political Economy of Everyday Life

The Webbs, Fabianism and Feminism: Fabianism and the Political Economy of Everyday Life

1st Edition

By Peter Beilharz, Chris Nyland
November 10, 2016

This book seeks to explore the understanding of Fabianism of both the Webbs and the Fabian Women’s Group and how this understanding shaped their views regarding such gender-centred issues as the family wage; protective labour law; and women’s place in the welfare state, the home and the labour ...

Trying Without Willing An Essay in the Philosophy of Mind

Trying Without Willing: An Essay in the Philosophy of Mind

1st Edition

By Timothy Cleveland
November 10, 2016

Within the context of a critique of volitional accounts of action based on trying, Trying Without Willing articulates a conception of intentional action based on the notion of de re intention. A central theme is that volitional theories of action based on the concept of trying presuppose dubious ...

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