1st Edition

Averroes and Hegel on Philosophy and Religion

ISBN 9781409433866
Published October 2, 2013 by Routledge
234 Pages

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Book Description

Comparing Averroes’ and Hegel’s positions on the relation between philosophy and religion, this book explores the theme of the authorities of faith and reason, and the origin of truth, in a medieval Islamic and a modern Christian context respectively. Through an in-depth analysis of Averroes’ and Hegel’s parallel views on the nature of philosophical and religious discourse, Belo presents new insights into their perspectives on the relation between philosophical knowledge and religious knowledge, and the differences between philosophy and religion. In addition, Belo explores particular works which have not yet been studied by modern scholarship.

Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction: philosophy and religion in Hegel and Averroes; The Decisive Treatise: a project for the harmony between philosophy and religion; Demonstrative discourse in Averroes’ commentaries on Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics; Dialectical and rhetorical discourse in Averroes’ commentaries on Aristotle’s Topics and Rhetoric; Hegel’s attitude to religion in early writings; Hegel: religion, philosophy and consciousness in the Phenomenology of Spirit; Representation and Christianity in the Berlin lectures; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.

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Catarina Belo is associate professor of philosophy at the American University in Cairo. She is the author of several books including Chance and Determinism in Avicenna and Averroes (2007) which was selected as one of the winners of the World Prize for the Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of Iranian Studies (2009). She has contributed to a number of edited volumes including a chapter on 'Freedom and Determinism' which appears in the Routledge Companion to Islamic Philosophy (forthcoming).


’Catarina Belo deftly addresses the all-important relationship between philosophy and religion, more pointedly, whether one guides the other, in this careful and studious examination of Averroes and Hegel. She focuses on the key texts of both in the original language of their composition while drawing intelligent support from contemporary scholars and scholarship. The book's particular value comes from Belo’s ability to bring recent Spanish scholarship on Islamic philosophy and theology to bear and from her awareness that the insights of Aristotle, Alfarabi, and Maimonides can never be forgotten.’ Charles Butterworth, University of Maryland, USA ’The major strength of this book is its critical dialogue between the thought of Averroes and Hegel, with special reference to the crucial but contested relation between religion and philosophy. These two major thinkers are rarely brought together and I am not aware of another work that manages to bring them thoughtfully together in a meeting that is so intellectually illuminating. The author is erudite and adept in dealing with both thinkers, and brings them into dialogue with impressive fidelity to the richness of their respective thought about religion and philosophy.’ William Desmond, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, The Netherlands 'Catarina Belo proves to be an equally astute student of Hegel as she is of Averroes. ... Throughout her treatment of both philosophers the reader cannot help but recognize a metaphysical depth enhanced by her broad knowledge of the history of philosophy. One is not likely to find a clearer English-language exposition of the doctrines under consideration.' The Review of Metaphysics ’The book is especially well-suited for advanced undergraduate and graduate students who want to enter more deeply into the often difficult primary texts in question.’ Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations