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Aviation Economics, 4-vol. set

1st Edition

Edited by Anne Graham, Peter Morrell


2,208 pages | 218 B/W Illus.

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A new title from Routledge, this is a four-volume collection of cutting-edge and foundational research.

Table of Contents

Volume I: Aviation Regulation

Part One: Airline Economic Regulation

1.1. North America

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  3. 1.2 Europe

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  10. 1.3 Asia/Pacific

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  14. 1.4 Airline Alliance Issues

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  19. 1.5 Other Competition Related Issues

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  22. Part Two: Airport Governance and Economic Regulation

    2.1 Airport Privatisation

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  37. 2.3 Airport Competition

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  42. Volume II: Airline Economics

    Part One: Demand, Traffic and Pricing

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  48. Part Two: Supply: Networks and Service Quality

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  56. Part Three: Costs and Productivity

    3.1 Airline Costs

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  61. 3.2 Airline Productivity and Efficiency

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  67. Part Four: Airline Finance

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  75. Volume III: Airport Economics

    Part One: Airport Economic Performance and Efficiency

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  83. Part Two: Airport Revenue Sources, Pricing and Congestion

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Volume IV: Air Transport Externalities

Part One: Economic Contribution

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      Part Two: Environmental Impact

      2.1 Aircraft Noise Impact

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      2.2 Aircraft Emissions Impact

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      2.4 General Aviation Environmental Impact

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About the Editors

Anne Graham, University of Westminster (author of Routledge’s Managing Airports (4th edn.) and Airport Marketing; Editor-in Chief of the Journal of Air Transport Management and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Airport Management and the Journal of Air Transport Studies) and Peter Morrell, Visiting Professor, Centre for Air Transport Management at Cranfield University (member of the editorial board of the Journal of Air Transport Management and Tourism Economics, and author of Airline Finance (4th edn. Ashgate, 2013) and Moving boxes by air: the economics of international air cargo (2011, Ashgate)).

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