1st Edition

Aviation Law and Regulation

By Lucy Budd, Stephen Ison Copyright 2020
    294 Pages
    by Routledge

    The development of civil aviation in the early 20th century presented a range of new legal and regulatory challenges concerning the rights of an aircraft from one state to enter the aerial territory of another. International flights threatened the territorial integrity of nation states and prompted politicians to draw up new aerial legislation and regulations to govern this new form of aerial movement. Whereas some states advocated free and open access to airspace and unrestricted aerial movement, other nations pursued a more protectionist stance based on regulation and reciprocal access arrangements. Technological developments in aircraft design and performance, combined with changing global political relations and the introduction of new forms of economic regulation have all fundamentally affected the development of air transport. This Volume explores carefully selected aspects of aviation law and regulation and examines the implications of changing regulatory intervention on the form and function of civil aviation worldwide.

    Volume 1 Aviation Law and Regulation


    Part I – Aviation Law

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    Lucy Budd is Professor of Air Transport Management and Stephen Ison is Professor of Air Transport Policy at De Montfort University, UK.