1st Edition

Awesome Space Tech 40 Amazing Infographics for Kids

By Jennifer Dlugos, Charlie Hatton Copyright 2019
    80 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Space may be the "final frontier"—but how do we learn about it, look deeper into it, and live in it? The infographics in this book will rocket you through a universe of powerful telescopes, distant probes, and high-speed spacecraft. Get ready to buzz by comets, land on alien planets, peer into the universe's past, and go where no one (except a handful of rovers and space probes) has gone before! We live in a complicated cosmos, but this book breaks down the complex, the confusing, and the downright kooky to reveal the fascinating details and hidden wonders that are out of this world.

    Ages 9-12

    Introduction 1 Fuels Rush In 2 The Coolest Road Trips Ever 3 Faster Than A Spacefaring Bullet 4 Solid Gold Record 5 To Find Waldo, Just Check Your Watch 6 Weird And Wonderful Uses For Gps 7 All The World’s A Stage (But Space Needs Two Or Three) 8 The Race To Space, All Over The Place 9 A Home Away From Home 10 These Space Boots Are Made For Walking 6 11 Patience Is The Key To Good Space Communication 12 Hit The Planet, Win A Prize 13 What Goes Up Must Land, Somehow 14 The Anatomy Of A Space Shuttle 15 Heading Inward 16 It’s Computation, Not A Competition 17 The Weirdness Of Juno 18 The Origin Of (Space) Species 19 Just What The Space Doctor Ordered 20 Never Knock An Opportunity 21 Social Networking On Mars 22 The Titan Of Telescopes 23 Six Space ’Scopes Scanning The Skies For Science 24 And Four Far-Flung Flyers For The Future 25 Falling Is The Hottest Part 26 The Little Satellites That Could (And Already Do!) 27 A Space Camp Right In Our Backyard 28 The Future’s So Bright, We’re Gonna Need Shields 29 Spinning ’Round Like A Satellite 30 Communications From Home Base 31 The Gravity Circus 32 Running Rings Around Saturn 33 A Ginormous Jumble Of Junk 34 The Weirdest Lost And Found 35 The Dangers Of Space Travel 36 Journey To The Stars! (Better Pack A Lunch) 37 Don’t Knock It If It’s Not A Rocket 38 The Swiss Army Knife Of Space 39 Stick The Landing 40 Tipping Our Hats To Citizen Scientists Bibliography About The Authors


    By day, Jenn Dlugos writes science textbooks, assessments, and lab manuals for grades K-12. By night, she writes comedy screenplays, stage plays, and other ridiculous things with her Things That Make You Go Yuck! coauthor, Charlie Hatton. Her favorite creepy crawlies are spiders.

    Charlie Hatton is a bioinformatician, science fan, and humorist living in the Boston area. Charlie enjoys working with genetic and other data to support cancer research, learning about new and interesting scientific areas, and referring to himself in the third person in biographical blurbs. Charlie has collaborated with Jenn Dlugos to coauthor the Things That Make You Go Yuck! science book series, as well as several other, far more ridiculous, projects.

    People should read this book because it is an informative read on space technology. Like me, others could learn more about how astronauts do their jobs in space and which scientific tools they use to accomplish their goals.,Elena ,Kids' BookBuzz, 4/17/19
    A copiously illustrated volume introduces readers to powerful telescopes, distant probes, and high-speed spacecraft aiding humankind's exploration of the stars.,Sally Lodge,Publishers Weekly, 4/5/19
    Discover the technology that's responsible for sending animals, astronauts, machines, and a well-balanced variety of vegetables into outer space through this lively collection of fun facts and fast stats. Forty colorful infographic displays of satellites, GPS networks, rovers, telescopes, and the essentials of top-quality spacesuit design may be enjoyed in numerical order or chosen at random to satisfy the curiosity of cosmic enthusiasts of any age.,Foreword Reviews, 5/6/19