350 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    This book is designed to give students rapid and easy access to key ecological material to assist learning and revision. Key topics such as populations and interactions, ecosystems, population genetics, community patterns and many more are structured into manageable sections, each cross-referenced, to allow easy navigation through the information.

    A. Introduction to ecology. B. Adaptation to the environment. C. Climate. D. Water. E. Temperature. F. Radiation. G. Nutrients. H. Population ecology. I. Competition. J. Predation. K. Parasitism. L. Mutualism. M. Life history patterns. N. Behavioural ecology. O. Population genetics. P. Ecosystem processes. Q. Communities. R. Community dynamics. S. Biomes. T. Harvesting. U. Pest control. V. Conservation. W. Pollution and global warming. X. The ecology of agriculture.  Further Reading.  Index.


    Aulay MacKenzie (University of Essex, UK) (Author) , Andy Ball (University of Essex, UK) (Author) , Sonia Virdee (University of Essex, UK) (Author)

    '...this text is one of the few that provides the beginner with an overview that is both concise and accurate. The authors are to be congratulated on producing such a useful text. This, matched with the price makes it an essential book for the library and student shelf.' - Trends in Genetics News