1st Edition

BORB Birmingham Object Recognition Battery

By Jane M. Riddoch, Glyn W. Humphreys Copyright 1993
    410 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    BORB provides a set of standardised procedures for assessing neuropsychological disorders of visual object recognition, based on tests developed in the cognitive neuropsychological literature. The tests are introduced in terms of cognitive neuropsychological analyses of object recognition, and guidance is given concerning test use and interpretation.
    The tests assess low-level aspects of visual perception (using same-different matching of basic perceptual features, such as orientation, length, position and object size), intermediate visual processes (e.g., matching objects different in viewpoint), access to stored perceptual knowledge about objects (object decision), access to semantic knowledge (function and associative matches) and access to names from object (picture naming). BORB will serve as an invaluable companion test battery to the PALPA test of language ability.

    Tests Included: Drawing from Memory. Copying. Length Match Task. Size Match Task. Orientation Match Task. Position of Gap Match Task. Overlapping Figures. Minimal Feature View Test. Foreshortened View Task. Object Decision Task. Function Match Task. Associative Match Task. Picture Naming (Short Version). Picture Naming (Long Version).


    Jane M. Riddoch (Author) , Glyn W. Humphreys (Author)