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Series Editor: Professor Stephen Emmitt

Email: [email protected]

Building Research & Information (BRI) is a leading international refereed journal focused on the entire life cycle of buildings, from inception to designing, engineering, construction, and assembly, through the building in use phase, to disassembly and recovery. Unique to BRI is a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to a sustainable built environment, centered on the building and its context. The book series shares the journal’s philosophy and commitment to high quality research, providing the space for more detailed and nuanced exploration of the issues raised. Each book in the series allows an opportunity to explore the complex and inter-related nature of our sustainable built environment, embracing the what, why, how and when questions in relation to a specific research theme.

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Building Health and Wellbeing

Building Health and Wellbeing

1st Edition

Edited By Stephen Emmitt
August 18, 2023

This book focuses on the relationship between buildings and our health and wellbeing, and by extension our quality of life. Expanding on the 50th anniversary Special Issue of Building Research & Information (BRI), which was dedicated to health and wellbeing, articles have been extended and ...

Professionalism for the Built Environment

Professionalism for the Built Environment

1st Edition

By Simon Foxell
August 08, 2018

In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, this new book provides thought provoking commentary on the nature of the relationship between society, the prevailing economic system and professionalism in the built environment. It addresses the changing responsibilities of professionals and in ...

The Recovery of Natural Environments in Architecture Air, Comfort and Climate

The Recovery of Natural Environments in Architecture: Air, Comfort and Climate

1st Edition

By C. Alan Short
January 23, 2017

The Recovery of Natural Environments in Architecture challenges the modern practice of sealing up and mechanically cooling public scaled buildings in whichever climate and environment they are located. This book unravels the extremely complex history of understanding and perception of air, bad air,...

The Rebound Effect in Home Heating A guide for policymakers and practitioners

The Rebound Effect in Home Heating: A guide for policymakers and practitioners

1st Edition

By Ray Galvin
June 25, 2015

This is a definitive guide to the rebound effect in home heating – the increase in energy service use after a technological intervention aimed at reducing consumption. It sets out what the effect is, how it plays out in the home heating sector, what this implies for energy saving initiatives in ...

Comfort in a Lower Carbon Society

Comfort in a Lower Carbon Society

1st Edition

Edited By Elizabeth Shove, Heather Chappells, Loren Lutzenhiser
August 06, 2013

Current expectations and standards of comfort are almost certainly unsustainable and new methods and ideas will be required if there is to be any prospect of a significantly lower carbon society. This collection reassesses relationships between people and the multitude of environments they inhabit ...

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