7th Edition

B.S.Patil’s Building and Engineering Contracts, 7th Edition

By B.S. Patil, S.P. Woolhouse Copyright 2020
    704 Pages
    by CRC Press

    704 Pages
    by CRC Press

    From the standpoint of practising engineers, architects and contractors, the law of contract is the most important one and, from preparation of technical documents to its execution and in the determination of disputes, the engineer or architect must have relevant knowledge. This book acts as a practical guide to building and engineering contracts. All points are explained with illustrations gathered from decided court cases. This book covers the substantive law of contract applicable to building and engineering contracts with updated noteworthy judgments. FIDIC conditions are mentioned at appropriate places with a global focus.

    Key Features:

    • Guide for a full and thorough understanding of the contractual undertakings of the civil engineering industry, primarily in India
    • Discusses specific conditions which are fertile sources of disputes, referring to and commenting upon the FIDIC conditions
    • Covers internationally adopted standard form conditions of contract with analysis, discussions and interpretations, with decided court cases from India and abroad
    • Focuses on technical civil engineering aspects
    • Addresses cases from countries including UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India

    1 The Tender

    2 The Contract

    3 Contracts by Government

    4 Interpretation of Contract

    5 Variations and Deviations

    6 Time for Completion, Delay in Completion

    7 Penalty/Liquidated Damages

    8 Quality of Work, Defects and Maintenance

    9 Measurement, Valuation and Payment

    10 Breach of Contract

    11 Common Breaches of Contract

    12 Remedies for Breach of Contract

    13 Subcontracts

    14 Contract between Owner and Architect/Engineer

    15 Limitation

    16 Claims, Disputes and Their Resolution by DRE/DRB/DAAB/Conciliation and/or



    Mr. B.S. Patil, born in 1939, had a brilliant academic career. He passed his Bachelor of Civil Engineering examination in first division with distinction and ranked first in order of merit. He also passed Bachelor of Laws examination in the first division and ranked first in order of merit. In the beginning of his career he worked as a civil engineer for nearly 20 years and thereafter he has been practicing law, exclusively in engineering field for the last 40 years. In the seventh edition of this title, he gives the benefit of his in-depth study of the subject and rich experience as a consultant, conciliator, arbitrator and advocate. Author of Civil Engineering Contracts and Estimates, the Law of Arbitration and Conciliation, he has also contributed several papers and articles to engineering journals. He was a Member of Faculty of Engineering, Marathwada University, Aurangabad, and at College of Engineering, Pune (India).

    Dr. Sarita Patil Woolhouse after passing B.S.L.and LL.B. examinations in the first division, from University of Poona with the first rank, she did her M. Phil. from the University of Cambridge, UK. The second edition of B.S.Patil’s Law of Arbitration written by her was an instant success. After several years’ practice in India she moved to London . With the experience of participating in international arbitrations and cross-border commercial litigation in Europe in various sectors including construction, energy, telecoms and Bar. After several years’ practice in . With the experience of participating in international arbitrations and cross-border commercial litigation in Europe various sectors including construction, energy, telecoms and so on, she earned a doctorate in global governance with a focus on international investment law. Presently, she is a Senior Lecturer in Law and is based in Cambridge, UK.