1st Edition

Baby Gorilla Photographic and Descriptive Atlas of Skeleton, Muscles and Internal Organs

    116 Pages 24 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The first photographic and descriptive musculoskeletal atlas of a baby gorilla, this book details the comparative and phylogenetic context of the gross anatomy and evolutionary history of the soft tissue morphology of modern humans and one of their closest relatives. With detailed high-quality photographs of musculoskeletal structures, it provides an updated review of the anatomical variations within gorillas as well as an extensive list of the synonyms used in the literature to designate the structures discussed. It will be of interest to students, teachers, and researchers studying primatology, comparative anatomy, functional morphology, zoology, and physical anthropology.

    Introduction and Aims
    Methodology and Material
    Head and Neck Musculature
    Pectoral and Upper Limb Musculature
    Trunk and Back Musculature
    Diaphragmatic and Abdominal Musculature
    Perineal, Coccygeal and Anal Musculature
    Pelvic and Lower Limb Musculature
    Appendix I: Literature including information about the muscles of chimpanzees
    Appendix II: Literature cited, not including information about the muscles of chimpanzees


    Rui Diogo, Juan F. Pastor, Adam Hartstone-Rose, Magdalena N. Muchlinski