1st Edition


Edited By Yo Tomita Copyright 2011

    For nearly two centuries Johann Sebastian Bach has been regarded as a cornerstone of Western musical culture. His music inspired subsequent generations of composers and philosophers alike, and continues to capture our imaginations in many ways. Bach studies is part of this picture, often seen as providing excellent examples of musicological scholarship. The volume editor has chosen thirty-one published articles which, in his view, not only represent a broad spectrum of the scholarly discussions on Bach's life and works, but will also facilitate the on-going study of Bach's creative genius. The articles have been selected to ensure that this volume will be considered useful for not only those students who are currently engaging in Bach studies at universities but also for more seasoned Bach scholars as they consider the future direction of Bach studies.

    Contents: Introduction; Part I Life and Context: Johann Christoph Bach (1671-1721), 'Organist und Schul Collega in Ohrdruf', Johann Sebastian Bachs erster Lehrer, Hans-Joachim Schulze; Johann Sebastian Bach als Schüler der Partikularschule zu St Michaelis in Lüneburg, oder Lüneburg eine Pflegstätte kirchlicher Musik, Wilhelm C. Junghans; The musician versus the grammarian: an early storm warning, Paul S. Minear; In defence of J.A. Scheibe against J.S. Bach, George J. Buelow; J.S. Bach: new light on his faith, Christoph Trautmann; Motive and motif in the church music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Robin A. Leaver. Part II Source Studies: Zum Wandel des Bach-Bildes. Zu Friedrich Blumes Mainzer Vortrag, Alfred Dürr; Antwort von Friedrich Blume, Friedrich Blume; Persönliches zur Geschichte der Jüngeren Bach-Forschung ( A personal message concerning the history of recent Bach scholarship), Arthur Mendel; Yoshitake Kobayashi's article On the Chronology of the Last Phase of Bach's Work - Compositions and Performances: 1736 to 1750 - an analysis with translated portions of the original text, Gerhard Herz. Part III Genre Studies: Bach's chorale cantatas, Alfred Dürr; Neue 'Texte zur Leipziger Kirchen-Music', Wolf Hobohm; Der Picander-Jahrgang, Klaus Häfner; Bach und der Picander-Jahrgang - Eine Erwiderung, William H. Scheide; Picander, der Textdichter von Bachs viertem Kantatenjahrgang. Ein neuer Hinweis, Klaus Häfner; Eindeutigkeit und Mehrdeutigkeit in Picanders Kantatenjahrgangs-Vorbemerkung und im Werkverzeichnis des Nekrologs auf Johann Sebastian Bach, William H. Scheide; Traces of the pre-history of Bach's St John and St Matthew Passions, Arthur Mendel; 'Et Incarnatus' and 'Crucifixus': the earliest and the latest settings of Bach's B-minor Mass, Christoph Wolff; Friedrich Smend's edition of the B-minor Mass by J.S. Bach, Georg von Dadelsen; Universality in Bach's B Minor Mass: a portrait of Bach in his final years, Yoshitake Kobayashi; Zur Parodiefrage in


    Yo Tomita