1st Edition

Bacterial Interference

By Raza Aly Copyright 1982

    This text will provide a useful reference and guild to those who are interested in this important approach to microbial ecology. This book aims to provide the basis for future investigations which will in turn result in a practical biologic approach to the control and prevention of some serious infectious diseases.

    1. Bacterial interference, Bacteriotherapy, and Baterioprophylaxis 2. Bacterial Interference Among Staphylococcus Aureus Strains 3. Bacterial Interference in the Nose 4. Prevention and Conversion to Normal of Bacterial Overgrowth of the Pharynx 5. The Role of Normal Throat Flora in Resistance to Infection by Group A Streptococci 6. Burn Model 7. Interference and Antagonism Between Skin Microorganisms 8. Antibiotics as Mediators of Interaction Between Cutaneous Microorganisms 9. The Interaction of Dermatophytic Fungi and Bacteria in the Pathogenesis of Interdigital Athlete‘s Foot 10. Role of the Endocervical Flora in Resistance to Fonorrhoea 11. Inhibition of Shigella by the Normal Intestinal Flora 12. Clostridial Infections and Intoxications of the Gastrointestinal Tract of Man 13. Local Immunity and Bacterial Infections


    Raza Aly