1st Edition

Bad Old Days The Myth of the 1950s

By Alan Levine Copyright 2014
    280 Pages
    by Routledge

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    1 The Myth and the Problem, 2 The Post-World War II Era: Its Characteristics, Achievements, and Problems, 3 Race: The Great American Obsession, 4. The Myth of McCarthyism, 5 Prosperity and Poverty in the Postwar Era, 6 Men and Women, 7 Conformity, the “Silent Generation,” Liberalism, and Social Criticism, 8 Postwar Culture, 9 Seeds of Disintegration?, 10 Post-Sputnik “Declinism”, 11 Those Suburbs—Suburbia, Disturbia, and the Slurbs, 12 Cars: Getting Around, Gorp, and the “Vaginal Look”, 13 The Economy and Industry in the Postwar Era, Index


    Levine, Alan