1st Edition

Bahrain 1920-1945 Britain, The Shaikh and the Administration

By M. A. Al-Tajir Copyright 1987

    First published in 1987 Bahrain provides a modern history of Bahrain from 1920-1945. The end of the fifty years of administration of Shaikh Isabin Ali Althalifah in 1923 heralded an intensive period of modernisation of Bahrain. However, the political move which brought about these changes are complex and difficult to disentangle. It is apparent that the Foreign Office, the Government of India, and the British political authorities in the Gulf all played a part but this book is the first one to analyse the extent and effectiveness of the involvement of each of these bodies.

    The central element of the modernisation process which took place under Shaikh Hamad’s administration are also discussed. These includes creation of an organised government structure, educational reforms, reforms of the pearling industry, and advent of the oil industry. At each stage, the author emphasizes how both political and economic changes were conditioned by the social context, in particular by the tension between Sunnis and Shi’ahs. This book is a must read for students and scholars of Middle East history and specially history of Bahrain.

    Preface Notes on Transliteration Abbreviations 1. Introduction 2. Bahrain 1919- June 1923 3. Reforms under the New Regime of Shaikh Hamad 4. Reforms and Reappraisal of Policies: Bahrain 1924-29 5. The Pearling Industry 6. The Politics of Education: From Seclusion to Integration 1919-45 7. Agriculture, Oil, Trade and Finance of Bahrain 1920-45 8. The Background of the Years 1930-45 9. Conclusions Bibliography Index


    M. A. Al- Tajir