Focusing scholarly attention on a little known area of Europe, the book brings together analysts with an insider's view to examine the short and long-term challenges facing the region, the intricate relationship between politics and economics and the irrelevance of quick fixes in the postwar reform of Southeast Europe.

    Introduction, Daniel Daianu and Thanos Veremis; notes on the stability pact, Vladimir Gligorov; aid to the Balkans - addicts and pushers, Laza Kekic; low state capacity in Southeast European transition countries, Marta Muco; regional co-operation in Southeast Europe, Milica Uvalic; poverty and development in Southeast Europe, Ivo Bicanic; transition failures - how does Southeast Europe fit in?, Daniel Daianu; economic reconstruction in Southeast Europe - a Western view, Franz-Lothar Altmann.


    Daianu, Daniel; Veremis, Thanos

    'An invaluable addition to the literature on Balkans.' - Millenium

    'The contributors to this volume are among the most famous and well-versed experts on Balkan affairs.'
    - RUSI

    'One of the first to bring this area to light suggests the need for more work on regional co-operation in the Balkans.' - International Peacekeeping