1st Edition

Baltic Piling

Edited By M. Mets, R. Raudsepp Copyright 2013

    'Baltic Piling' contains the proceedings of the ‘Baltic Piling Days 2012’ (Tallinn, Estonia, 3-5 September 2012). The book includes contributions on current issues in pile foundation engineering:

    - Interaction of pile and grillage;

    - Formation of pile bearing capacity

    - Settlements of piles

    - Pile foundation under historical buildings

    - Thermopiles, and

    - Interaction of georgid and pile.

    'Baltic Piling' will be of interest to engineers, academics and students interested in pile foundation engineering and related disciplines.

    A brief overview of the historical developments of the foundation engineering in Brazil
    R.P. Cunha & P.J.R. Albuquerue

    Deep excavations and deep foundation systems combined with energy piles
    R. Katzenbach, S. Leppla & T.Waberseck

    Experience of “BMGS” company in using of ground anchors for complicated engineering constructions
    S. Polukoshko, A. Gaisin, A. Stasens & J. Marnauza

    The history of the foundations in Tartu
    V. Pallav & M. Mets

    Use of piles in complex reconstruction of cities
    V.M. Ulitsky, A.G. Shashkin & M.B. Lisyuk

    Dynamic pile testing in the Baltic Countries
    T. Riihimäki

    Soft rock of perm as the base of pile foundations soils
    A. Ponomarev, E. Sytchkina & D. Sursanov

    Hard proterozoic deposits as subsoils of deep foundations under high-rise buildings in St. Petersburg
    V.M. Ulitsky, V.A. Vasenin, A.G. Shashkin & C.G. Shashkin

    New drilling tools for hard rock
    G. Ulrich

    New technologies of pile apparatus and their test in ground conditions of Belarus
    M.I. Nikitenko, I.L. Boiko, B. Moradi Sani & N.V. Chernoshey

    Defining boundaries of efficiency for pile-raft foundations
    V.M. Ulitsky & V.A. Shashkin

    Investigation of piled-raft foundations in soil conditions of Minsk
    V. Sernov

    The underpinning of a timber pile foundation
    S. Aksenov & A. Nevzorov

    Designed model of the basis of deep foundations with account of spatial nonlinear long deformation of soils
    I.T. Mirsayapov & I.V. Koroleva

    Instrumentation of timber piles with removable extensometers – Description of the experimental site
    J. Christin, A. Le Kouby, P. Reiffsteck & M. Grenier

    Behavior of piles in clay during tunneling processes
    M.H. Abdullah & M.R. Taha

    Numerical investigation of the installation process of full displacement piles
    T. Pucker & J. Grabe

    Design of screw piles
    S. Efthymiou, J.R. Standing & M. Kavvadas

    Lida brewery pile foundations
    M. Mets, V. Leppik & T. Ruben

    Assessment of time dependent influence on the lateral response of single pile subjected to lateral load end embedded into elasto-plastic soil
    J.M. Abbas, M.R. Taha, Z.H. Chik & Q.S.M. Shafiqu

    Influence of the installation process of full displacement bored piles on the subsoil
    P. Busch, J. Grabe & F.-W. Gerressen

    Comparison of integrity and echo tests in the assessment of defects in pile foundations
    R.P. Cunha, A.F. Cordeiro & J.C.R. Cárdenas

    Pile bearing capacity of the new boiler house at cogeneration power plant Sisak
    I. Matkovic, K. Bolanca, M. Bišcan & L. Bolfan

    Numerical investigations on vibratory sheet piling in embankments
    T. Hamann & J. Grabe

    Study of bearing capacity of vibratory pile applying acceleration record
    K. Kelevišius, J. Amšiejus, A. Norkus & Z. Sikora

    Post installation dynamic pile testing of 29 vibratory driven piles in the Neretva river delta
    O. Mirkovic

    Behavior models of plate-pile foundations under cyclic loading
    I.T. Mirsayapov & M.I. Shakirov

    Geosynthetic reinforced load transfer platforms for infrastructural projects – Actual design codes and verification by in-situ measurements
    L. Vollmert & O. Doygun

    Instructions for preparing the paper for 10th international conference “modern building materials, structures and techniques” displacement of horizontally loaded piles
    K. Tumosa & V. Stragys

    Bearing capacity of piles in strengthened foundations
    V.N. Paramonov & P.A. Kravchenko

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    M. Mets, R. Raudsepp