1st Edition

Bartlett, Culture and Cognition

Edited By Akiko Saito Copyright 2000

    Frederic C. Bartlett is well known for his contributions to cognitive psychology, especially in the field of memory. This collection, by internationally renowned scholars including: Alan Baddeley, Richard Gregory, William Brewer, Steen Larsen, Michael Cole, Jennifer Cole and Mary Douglas, brings together contemporary applications of Bartlett's work in cognitive psychology. It also includes areas in which Bartlett has been hitherto largely ignored: sociocultural psychology and the history and philosophy of science. It will be of great interest to those engaged in cognitive science, psychology, anthropology and the history of science.

    PART I Introduction 1 Psychology as biological and social science, Prospects, 2 The life and work of Frederic C. Bartlett PART II Historical and theoretical issues 3 W.H.R.Rivers and the early history of psychology at Cambridge 4 Remembering Bartlett 5 Bartlett’s psycho-anthropological project PART III Contemporary research 6 Bartlett’s concept of the schema and its impact on theories of knowledge representation in contemporary cognitive psychology 7 Bartlett’s trilogy of memory: Reconstructing the concept of attitude 8 Repeated reproduction from memory 9 Re-fusing anthropology and psychology 10 Multilevel analyses of social bases of cognition 11 Memory and selective attention: Bartlett and Evans-Pritchard 12 Whatever happened to ‘social constructiveness’? BIBLIOGRAPHY: The papers of Frederic Charles Bartlett


    Akiko Saito