1st Edition

Basic Emirati Arabic A Grammar and Workbook

    178 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    178 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Basic Emirati Arabic: A Grammar and Workbook is an elementary-level grammar book of the variety of Gulf Arabic spoken in the United Arab Emirates.

    In this book, a series of compact units provide brief and concise descriptions of the fundamental grammatical structures, accompanied by examples drawn from Emirati native language speakers and several exercises assessing the learner’s understanding and mastery of the grammatical structure discussed. A key to these exercises is also provided so that learners can self-assess their progress and obtain immediate feedback.

    This book is intended for beginner learners who would like to engage with this variety of Arabic and learn its basic grammatical structure through practice. It is additionally a valuable tool for language teachers of Emirati and Gulf Arabic as well as learners of Modern Standard Arabic who would like access to a basic reference of the dialect.


    1          Introduction

    2          Consonants

    3          Vowels

    4          Writing system

    5          Word formation

    6          Nouns

    7          Pronouns

    8          Form I verbs

    9          Form II verbs

    10        Form III verbs

    11        Form V verbs

    12        Form VI verbs

    13        Form VII verbs

    14        Form VIII verbs

    15        Form IX verbs

    16        Form X verbs

    17        Intransitive, transitive, and ditransitive verbs

    18        Verb nouns

    19        Adjectives

    20        Adverbs

    21        Prepositions

    22        Quantifiers

    23        Numerals

    24        Modality

    25        Negation

    26        Noun phrases

    27        Construct states

    28        Verb phrases

    29        Complex verb constructions

    30        The imperfective aspect

    31        The perfective aspect

    32        The grammatical aspect

    33        Relative clauses

    34        Questions

    35        Subordination

    36        Coordination

    Key to exercises



    Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung is Professor of Linguistics at the Department of Cognitive Sciences, United Arab Emirates University. He specializes in the syntax of Emirati Arabic and the psycholinguistics of Arabic and Southeast Asian languages.

    Dimitrios Ntelitheos is Professor of Linguistics and Chair of the Speech Language Pathology Department at United Arab Emirates University. His research and published work focus on Malagasy, Greek, and Emirati Arabic morphological and syntactic structure and its acquisition by children.

    Meera Al Kaabi is an Associate Professor at the Cognitive Science Department of UAEU and a visiting scholar at NYUAD. She works in neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language disorders, and Arabic morphology. She also has a professional background in academic administration and policy development.