4th Edition

Basic Photographic Materials and Processes

By Nanette L. Salvaggio, Josh Shagam Copyright 2020
    384 Pages 390 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    384 Pages 390 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Basic Photographic Materials and Processes describes the three crucial stages of creating the perfect photograph—capture, processing and output—by providing a thorough technical investigation of modern, applied photographic technologies.

    This new edition has been fully revised and updated to explore digital image capture, processing and output. It covers a wide range of topics including: the scientific principles of measuring and recording light, the inner workings of digital cameras, image processing concepts, color management and photographic output to screen and print media. With these topics come in-depth discussions of extending dynamic range, image histograms, camera characterization, display capabilities, printer and paper technologies. It also includes applied exercises that provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the material through hands-on experiments and demonstrations, connecting theoretical concepts to real-world use.

    This comprehensive text provides photography students, educators and working professionals with the technical knowledge required to successfully create images and manage digital photographic assets. It is an essential resource for mastering the technical craft of photography.

    1. Light and photometry

    2. Photographic optics

    3. Digital camera technology

    4. Photographic Exposure

    5. Lens Filters

    6. Motion Video Fundamentals

    7. Demosaicing and Interpolation

    8. Digital Asset Management

    9. Digital Tone Reproduction

    10. Software Filters

    11. Camera Characterization and Image Quality

    12. Image Compression

    13. Color Vision and Systems

    14. Color Management

    15. Display Technology

    16. Printing and Physical Media


    Nanette L. Salvaggio is the Lecturer responsible for the Photographic Technologies class at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her career in image quality, color science and the photography industry includes work with Eastman Kodak, Hughes Aircraft Corporation, TASC Inc. and Imagery Solutions, which she co-owned. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Imaging and Photographic Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

    Josh Shagam is a camera image quality engineer and photographer working in Silicon Valley. He previously worked on image quality for aerial imaging systems at Harris Corporation and before that taught photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Photographic Communications and a Master of Professional Studies degree from the School of Visual Arts.

    "Throughout the text, the authors aim to demystify the plethora of terms and acronyms encountered in digital photography while providing a basis for understanding existing and future digital imaging technologies. Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, Fourth Edition serves as the ultimate, yet concise, resource in the field."

    Marilyn Waligore, Professor of Photography, University of Texas at Dallas

    "As photo-based artist and educator who is always asking how and why something works, this is the book I grab to answer many of those questions. The authors have done an amazing job explaining the science of photography in a very approachable manner. It is the book I recommend to all my students when they ask me any scientific question I cannot answer."

    Lewis J. Crawford, Assistant Professor (Lecturer), University of Utah