1st Edition

Basic Processes in Early Second Language Reading A Special Issue of scientific Studies of Reading

Edited By Esther Geva, Ludo Verhoeven Copyright 2000
    98 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The four articles in this issue represent recent developments in the study of basic processes in L2 reading at the primary level. The research reported reflects the array of theoretical and instructional issues targeted currently by researchers who wish to understand L2 reading development in young children. Ultimately, this research should be used to help policymakers and educators make better informed decisions about how L2 literacy instruction can be enhanced across various sociocultural and linguistic boundaries.

    Volume 4, Number 4, 2000
    Contents: E. Geva, L. Verhoeven, Introduction: The Development of Second Language Reading in Primary Children--Research Issues and Trends. P. Cormier, S. Kelson, The Roles of Phonological and Syntactic Awareness in the Use of Plural Morphemes Among Children in French Immersion. L. Wade-Woolley, E. Geva, Processing Novel Phonemic Contrasts in the Acquisition of L2 Word Reading. L. Verhoeven, Components in Early Second Language Reading and Spelling. J.F. Carlisle, M.M. Beeman, The Effects of Language of Instruction on the Reading and Writing Achievement of First-Grade Hispanic Children.


    Esther Geva, Ludo Verhoeven