1st Edition

Basketball in America From the Playgrounds to Jordan's Game and Beyond

    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    344 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Examine the social and cultural impact of basketball on America at the amateur and professional levels!

    Basketball in America: From the Playgrounds to Jordan’s Game and Beyond is a pioneering analysis of the history of basketball and its effect on popular culture from the 1970s to today. The popularity of basketball is undeniable, and the subject allows for such a broad range of interpretations in popular culture. It cuts across economic, racial, and social boundaries, and its major stars cross over into other forms of popular entertainment more than any other professional sport. This book examines the entire scope of modern basketball history, from the playgrounds, where people first learn the fundamentals, to the college and professional levels.

    Basketball in America is a collection of essays that explores the intersection of basketball and popular culture in America. The contributors are an eclectic mix of writers, scholars, journalists, former players, coaches, and sports enthusiasts who all share an undying love for the game of basketball. The authors analyze the sport from a cross-cultural and historical perspective—digging deep into the profound popular cultural influences of basketball and exploring the scope and depth of its influence. This is the first book that examines the social and cultural impact of basketball on American society to reveal how tightly it is woven into America’s cultural fabric. Also included are photographs and tables to enhance your understanding of the material.

    Topics covered in Basketball in America include:

    • Elgin Baylor—the first “modern” basketball player
    • Chocolate Thunder and Short Shorts: The NBA in the 1970s
    • Dr. J, Bird, Magic, Jordan, and the Bad Boys: The NBA in the 1980s
    • The Jordan Era: The NBA in the 1990s
    • LeBron James and the future of the NBA
    • the Nike brand and popular culture
    • lessons learned from legendary UNC coach Dean Smith
    • professional women’s basketball
    • and much more!
    Basketball in America is a comprehensive analysis that will appeal to anyone interested in understanding how the sport has become an integral part of our national culture. It is an insightful read for sports fans as well as for sports historians. In addition, this book can be used as a textbook in sports history or sociology of sports classes. It will entertain and inform those who treasure basketball and the role it plays in the American consciousness. Make it part of your collection today!

    • About the Editor
    • Contributors
    • Acknowledgments
    • Chapter 1. Introduction: Basketball in America (Bob Batchelor)
    • Chapter 2. Michael Jordan: Icon (Bob Batchelor)
    • Chapter 3. Marvin, Marvin (David Davis)
    • Chapter 4. Nike and Popular Culture (Kelly McMasters)
    • Chapter 5. Hoosiers to Hoop Dreams: Basketball on the Big Screen (Kevin Grace)
    • Chapter 6. The Schoolyard Game: Blacktop Legends and Broken Dreams (Bijan C. Bayne)
    • Chapter 7. Fundamentals: Coaching Today’s High School Player (Chris Burtch)
    • Chapter 8. Seventeen Things I Learned from Dean Smith (Peter Cashwell)
    • Chapter 9. Socks, Jocks, and Two Championship Rings (Michael Buchert)
    • Chapter 10. Foreign Players and the Globalization of Basketball (Renada Rutmanis)
    • Chapter 11. Elgin Baylor: The First Modern Professional Basketball Player (James Fisher)
    • Chapter 12. Chocolate Thunder and Short Shorts: The NBA in the 1970s (David Friedman)
    • Chapter 13. Crashing the Boards: The WNBA and the Evolution of an Image (Lisa A. Ennis)
    • Chapter 14. Dr. J., Bird, Magic, Jordan, and the Detroit Bad Boys: The NBA in the 1980s (Lawrence Ziewacz)
    • Chapter 15. The Jordan Era: The NBA in the 1990s (Doug Fox)
    • Chapter 16. King James: LeBron James, Hype, Hope, and the Future of the NBA (Bob Batchelor)
    • Chapter 17. Conclusions: Basketball Is America (Bob Batchelor)
    • Bibliography
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Frank Hoffmann, Robert P Batchelor, Martin J. Manning