1st Edition

Bathing - the Body and Community Care

By Julia Twigg Copyright 2000

    Community care lies at the intersection of day-to-day life and the public world of service provision. Using the lens of one particular activity - bathing - this book explores what happens when the public world of professionals and service provision enters the lives of older and disabled people. In doing so it addresses wider issues concerning the management of the body, the meaning of carework and the significance of body care in the ordering of daily life.
    Bathing - the Body and Community Care provides an engaging text for students and will be of interest to a wide range of audiences, both social science and health science students and nursing and allied professionals

    Preface 1 The body in community care 2 Cultures of bathing and the body in High Modernity 3 Bathing, washing and the management of personal care 4 The spatial and temporal ordering of care 5 The medical/social boundary and the rationalisation of community care 6 The employment world of the careworker 7 Carework as bodywork 8 Carework as emotional labour 19 The power dynamics of care


    Julia Twigg, University of Kent, UK