1st Edition

Bearing Capacity Of Roads

By A. Gomes Correia Copyright 2002

    This book is an outcome of the sixth conference on bearing capacity of roads and airfield held in Lisbon, Portugal. It focuses on railway tracks and covers following topics: bearing capacity policies, concepts, costs and condition surveys; analysis and modelling; design and environmental effects.

    Introduction /A. Gomes Correia & Ivar Horvli -- Preface /Fernando E.F. Branco Organization -- Bearing capacity policies, concepts, costs and condition surveys -- A New Deflection Measuring System for Pavements in Spanish Airports Based on Laser Technology /P.P. Carrasco, L. Martin -- Monitoring Pavement Response during Spring Thaw Using Fiber-Optic Sensors /G. Dore, G. Duplain -- Evolution of French Airport Bearing Capacity Assessment /J.-P Guillon, J.-C. Deffieux -- Inconsistencies in Rating the Effect of Aircraft Load and Reporting the Bearing Capacity of Pavements /A. Loizos, C. Abacoumkin, G. Charonitis -- Evaluation of Rigid Pavement Condition Using Falling Weight Deflectometer /M.M. Pradhan -- Non-Contact Deflection Measurement at High Speed /S. Rasmussen, J.A. Krarup, G. Hildebrand -- Application of Image Analysis to the Identification and Rating of Road Surface Distress /C. Rasse, V. Leemans, M.-F. Destain, J.-C. Verbrugge -- ROADEX - Benchmarking Low Traffic Volume Road Condition Management in EU Northern Periphery Area /T. Saarenketo, S. Bell, G. Berntsen, S. Sundberg, E. Vuontisjarvi -- Pavement Condition Survey at a Motorway Section in Croatia: Maintenance and Rehabilitation Activities /M. Srsen, I. Krsic -- Validation of Pavement Condition Index - PCI: A Portuguese Case Study /J. Veloso, Fernando. E.F Branco -- Analysis and modeling -- A Simple Damage Approach to Modelling Fatigue in Bituminous Materials /Y.K. Choi, A.C. Collop, N.H. Thom -- Ultra-Thin Whitetoppings: A 2-D Finite Element Parametric Study /W. De Corte, D. De Leersnyder, E. De Winne -- A Mechanical Model for the Prediction of the Tire /Road Friction /M.-T. Do, F. Hammoum -- Material Models for Reinforced Unbound Aggregate /G. Eiksund, I. Hoff, G. Svano, A. Watn, E. V. Cue I ho, S. P. Perkins, B.R.Cristopher, C. W. Schwartz -- 3-D FE Analysis of Test Road Structures - Comparison with Measurements /S. Erlingsson -- Dynamic Analysis of FWD Data for Pavement Evaluation /E. Fernando, W. Liu --


    A. Gomes Correia (Author)