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Bearing Capacity Of Roads

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ISBN 9789058093967
Published January 1, 2002 by CRC Press
800 Pages

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Book Description

This book is an outcome of the sixth conference on bearing capacity of roads and airfield held in Lisbon, Portugal. It focuses on railway tracks and covers following topics: bearing capacity policies, concepts, costs and condition surveys; analysis and modelling; design and environmental effects.

Table of Contents

Bearing capacity policies, concepts, costs and condition surveys 1. A New Deflection Measuring System for Pavements in Spanish Airports Based on Laser Technology 2. Monitoring Pavement Response during Spring Thaw Using Fiber-Optic Sensors 3. Evolution of French Airport Bearing Capacity Assessment 4. Inconsistencies in Rating the Effect of Aircraft Load and Reporting the Bearing Capacity of Pavements 5. Evaluation of Rigid Pavement Condition Using Falling Weight Deflectometer 6. Non-Contact Deflection Measurement at High Speed 7. Application of Image Analysis to the Identification and Rating of Road Surface Distress 8. ROADEX - Benchmarking Low Traffic Volume Road Condition Management in EU Northern Periphery Area 9. Pavement Condition Survey at a Motorway Section in Croatia: Maintenance and Rehabilitation Activities 10. Validation of Pavement Condition Index - PCI: A Portuguese Case Study Analysis and modeling 11. A Simple Damage Approach to Modelling Fatigue in Bituminous Materials 12. Ultra-Thin Whitetoppings: A 2-D Finite Element Parametric Study 13. A Mechanical Model for the Prediction of the Tire/Road Friction 14. Material Models for Reinforced Unbound Aggregate 15. 3-D FE Analysis of Test Road Structures - Comparison with Measurements 16. Dynamic Analysis of FWD Data for Pavement Evaluation 17. Limiting Equilibrium Methods in Bearing Capacity Analysis of Flexible Pavements Reinforced with Geosynthetics 18. Mechanistic Model for Road Design in Sweden 19. Stress Paths in Flexible Pavements Subjected to Severe Climatic Conditions 20. Backcalculation of Thin Air - a Way to Cope with Slipping and Sliding Layer Interfaces 21. Initial Rutting on Reconstructed Roads and How it Relates to FWD Testing II 22. Reinforcement of Flexible Pavements - Design of Finite Element Models 23. Prediction of Flexible Pavement Response Using Non-Linear Stress-Dependent Material Models 24. A380 Flexible Pavement Experimental Program 25. Effects of Moving Dynamic tyre Loads on tyre-Pavement Contact Stresses 26. Flexible Airport Pavement Evaluation for New Generation Aircraft using ILLI-PAVE-Based Concepts 27. Evaluating of Overlay on Concrete Slab in Airport with 3D FEM Design and environmental effects 28. Development of Pavement Temperature Prediction Model for Asphalt Concrete Pavements 29. Effect of the Variability of Seasonal Moduli Adjustment Factors on the Mechanistic-Empirical Overlay Design 30. Critical Stresses for Thickness Design of Rigid Pavement Slabs Subjected to Multiple-Axle Heavy Aircraft Gear Loads 31. Temperature Variation and Displacement Behavior of Model Asphalt Pavements during Repeated Plate-Loading Tests 32. Airfield Pavement Structural Analyses and Design in Sweden 33. Impact of Heavy Vehicles on Pavement Responses 34. Pavement Detriment Due to Runway Roughness 35. New Experiences in Loading of Flexible Pavements 36. A New Approach to Pavement Design in Sweden: New Swedish Road Design Manual 37. Consideration of Climatic Conditions in Pavement Design 38. Pavement Design for the 3rd Runway at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, Sweden 39. Construction, maintenance and rehabilitation 40. Characterisation of Dense-Graded Asphalt Cold Mixtures for Pavement Rehabilitation 41. Variation in Calculated Pavement Performance Due to Variation in Input Data 42. Could Adherence of a Road Surface be used to Identify the Areas where Maintenance is Needed? 43. Bearing Capacity of Flexible Road Structures Reinforced with Steel Fabrics 44. Implementation of Nondestructive Structural Evaluation for Airport Asphalt Pavements 45. Effects of New and Conventional Deicing Chemicals on Airfield Asphalt Concrete Pavement 46. Long-Term Monitoring of an Open Graded Drainage Layer Design for Airfieldsat the Prince George Airport, British Columbia, Canada 47. Rockfill pavements on Soft Subsoil-Construction and Compaction 48. A Probabilistic Method for Estimating Pavement Performance Using Falling Weight Deflectometer Data 49. Pavement Edge Drain Barriers in the Rehabilitation of Existing Roads (Experiments and Fields Results) 50. Evaluation of Pavement Structure Reinforced with Steel Fabrics 51. Network Level Analysis of Pavement Maintenance in Norway 52. QUASAR Structural Analysis of Asphalt Pavements Reflective cracking 53. Laboratory Measurement of Crack Propagation in High Stiffness Asphalt Mixtures 54. Estimation of Relative Performance of Overlaid Asphalt Concretes against Reflection Cracking due to Shear and Bending Fracture Mode 55. Pavement Deterioration - Crack Initiation and Crack Propagation Models 56. The Influence of Cracking on the Structural Properties of Asphalt Mixes 57. Crack Element in the Non-Linear f.e.m. Program PA.R.M.A. for the Design of Reinforced Concrete Pavements 58. Evaluation of the Load Associated Cracking in Flexible Pavements Field Tests for layer moduli evaluation 59. Efficient Backcalculation Algorithmof Time Domain for Large-Scale Pavement Systems using Ritz Vectors 60. Method of Estimation of Bearing Capacity of Multi-Layer Pavements with Application of Quasi-Static Tests 61. Evaluation of the Influence of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Discontinuities on Falling Weight Dflectometer Measurements 62. In Situ Assessment of Stiffness of a Road Sand Embankment 63. Repeatability, Reproducibility and Accuracy of GPR Measurements 64. Backcalculation of Pavement Layer Moduli without Using DO-Deflection 65. Falling Weight Deflectometer Configuration Standards for Airfield Testing 66. Use of Backcalculated Falling Weight Deflectometer Modulus for Detecting 67. Foundation Problems Caused by Rubblization of Concrete Pavements 68. Bearing Capacity of a Flexible Pavement During the Construction Phase 69. Elastic Analysis of Thin Pavements and Subgrade Soil Based on Field and Laboratory Tests 70. Validation of FWD Measurements in Connection with Outsourcing Contract 71. Multichannel Analysis of Seismic Waves for Layer Moduli Evaluation of Pavements 72. Pavement Structural Evaluation: Production Level FWD Back-Analysis Using the Full Time History 73. Using Seismic Investigation to Test the Interface between Two Pavement Layers 74. Experimental and Theoretical Comparison of Dymanic Plate Testing Methods 75. In Situ Evaluation of Seasonal Variability of Subgrade Modulus Using DCP and FWD Tests 76. Standard and Recommended Practices for FWD based Evaluation and Reporting Strength of Airfield Pavement 77. A Rapid Approach to Interpretation of SASW Results 78. An Initiative toward Mechanistic Construction Quality Control: Using Seismic Methods

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