Bearing Capacity Of Roads  book cover
1st Edition

Bearing Capacity Of Roads

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ISBN 9789058093974
Published January 1, 2002 by CRC Press
800 Pages

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Book Description

This book is an outcome of the sixth conference on bearing capacity of roads and airfield held in Lisbon, Portugal. It covers the following topics: bearing capacity policies, concepts, costs and condition surveys; analysis and modelling; design and environmental effects; and asphalt mixtures.

Table of Contents

Asphalt mixtures 1. Sample Preparation Methods, Geometry and Temperature Control for Dynamic Shear Rheometers 2. Evaluation of the Linear and Non-Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour of Bituminous Binders and Asphalt Mixtures 3. Experimental Procedures for Evaluating Asphalt Mix Stability Using the Superpave Gyratory Compactor 4. Assessment of the Durability of High Modulus Base (HMB) Materials 5. Rheological Behaviour of Bitumens Modified with Reactive Polyurethanes 6. Prediction of Rutting Resistance of Asphalt Mixtures 7. InSiSST - an Advanced in-Situ Facility for Measuring Shear Stiffness of Asphalt Pavements 8. Comparative Study of Different Laboratory Quality Control Measures of Asphalt Concrete Mixes 9. LINTRACK Rutting Research Project - Triaxial Testing Program 10. Testing Adhesion between Bitumen and Aggregate with the Rolling Bottle Test and the Boiling Test 11. Advantages of Using Asphalt Emulsion Mixes in Cold Climates 12. Permanent Deformation of Bituminous Mixes: Monotonous and Cyclic Contributions 13. The Influence of Fine Aggregate on the Bituminous Mixture Mechanical Behaviour 14. Semi-flexible Materials for Heavy-Duty Pavements 15. Influence of Aggregate Characteristics on Asphalt Mixture Properties and Performance Unbound granular materials 16. Serviceability Design of Granular Pavement Materials 17. Crushed Asphalt and Concrete as Unbound Road Materials - Comparisons of Field Measurements and Laboratory Investigations 18. Origin, Usage and Production of Unbound Granular Materials for Road Construction 19. Dynamic Triaxial Testing of Unbound Granular Base Course Materials 20. Modeling Unbound Granular Material Response from Laboratory and Field Measurements 21. Light Weight Aggregate (LWA) Used in Road Pavements 22. Cost 337 - Unbound Granular Materials for Road Pavements 23. Use of Steel Net Reinforcement in Unbound Pavement Layers 24. Current and Future Research Topics for Europe Identified by the COST 337 Action 25. Effect of Seasonal Changes on Strength and Deformation Properties of Unbound and Bound Road Aggregates 26. Effect of Material Quality and Compaction on the Mechanical Behaviour of Base Course Materials and Pavement Performance 27. The Development of a Permanent Deformation Design Model for Unbound Granular Materials with the Shakedown-Concept Soils 28. Threshold Stress and Asymptotic Stiffness of UK Clays in the Repeated Load Triaxial Test 29. Subgrade Characterization for Low Volume Road Design Using Critical Period Concept 30. Alternative Methods of Determining Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Soils Considering Deformational Characteristics 31. Modeling the Resilient Modulus of Soils 32. Evaluating Compaction of Tropical Soils Using Soil Stiffness 33. Moisture Related Problems in Stabilized Materials 34. Directional Dependency of Modulus and Deformation Characteristics of Geofiber Stabilized Sands Case historiés 35. Maintenance and Repair of Airfield Apron Rigid Pavements 36. Effect of Landing Gear Spacing on the Surface Deflection Response of Airport Pavements 37. Flexible Composite Pavement Evaluation Incorporating Bond between Layers 38. Innovative Evaluation Methodology Reduces Maintenance Costs at Copenhagen Airport 39. Pavement Design Considerations for Container Terminal Areas: A Case Study 40. LINTRACK Rutting Research Project - ALT Testing Program 41. Some Observations of Base Course Performance during Accelerated Pavement Testing 42. Effects of Different Tyre Mounts on the Fatigue Behaviour of a Thick Bituminous Pavement 43. Importance of Complementing Index Tests with Mechanical Tests 44. for Granular Materials Assessment: A Case Study Railways 45. Repeated Load Aggregate Degradation 46. Effects of Cyclic Loading Conditions on the Behaviour of Railway Track in the Laboratory Model Tests 47. Performance Tests and Basic Design on Solid Bed Track on Asphalt Pavement 48. Tests of Treated Subgrades and Capping Layers using Cementitious Binder in Railtrack Infrastructures 49. Dimensionless Sensitivity Diagrams in Mechanistic Railway Design

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