1st Edition

Bearing Capacity Of Roads

By A. Gomes Correia Copyright 2002
    800 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book is an outcome of the sixth conference on bearing capacity of roads and airfield held in Lisbon, Portugal. It covers the following topics: bearing capacity policies, concepts, costs and condition surveys; analysis and modelling; design and environmental effects; and asphalt mixtures.

    Introduction /A. Gomes Correia, Ivar Horvli Preface -- Fernando /E.F Branco Organization -- Asphalt mixtures -- Sample Preparation Methods, Geometry and Temperature Control for Dynamic Shear Rheometers /G.D. Airey, A.E. Hunter, B. Rahimzadeh -- Evaluation of the Linear and Non-Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour of Bituminous Binders and Asphalt Mixtures /G.D. Airey, B. Rahimzadeh, A. C. Collop -- Experimental Procedures for Evaluating Asphalt Mix Stability Using the Superpave Gyratory Compactor /F.M. Bayomy, S. Dessouky, E. Masad -- Assessment of the Durability of High Modulus Base (HMB) Materials /Y.K. Choi, A.C. Collop, G.D. Airey, R.C. Elliott, J. Williams, M.W. Heslop -- Rheological Behaviour of Bitumens Modified with Reactive Polyurethanes /A.C. Diogo, T. Barbosa, J.C. Bordado -- Prediction of Rutting Resistance of Asphalt Mixtures /R. Garba, I. Horvli -- InSiSST - An Advanced In-Situ Facility for Measuring Shear Stiffness of Asphalt Pavements /S.N. Goodman, W. Bekheet, Y. Hassan, A.O. Abd El Halim, J. Ponniah -- Comparative Study of Different Laboratory Quality Control Measures of Asphalt Concrete Mixes /Y. Hassan, A.O. Abd El Halim, A. Mostafa -- LINTRACK Rutting Research Project - Triaxial Testing Program /L.J.M. Houben, A. Miradi, A.E. van Dommelen -- Testing Adhesion between Bitumen and Aggregate with the Rolling Bottle Test and the Boiling Test /T. Jorgensen -- Advantages of Using Asphalt Emulsion Mixes in Cold Climates /J.-M. Konrad, J. Cummings, M. Muma -- Permanent Deformation of Bituminous Mixes: Monotonous and Cyclic Contributions /M. Neifar, H. Di Benedetto, J.M. Piau, H. Odeon -- The Influence of Fine Aggregate on the Bituminous Mixture Mechanical Behaviour /J.C. Pais, PP.A. Pereira, M.C.M. Azevedo, L.G. Picado-Santos -- Semi-flexible Materials for Heavy-Duty Pavements /J. Sundahl, J. Hede -- Influence of Aggregate Characteristics on Asphalt Mixture Properties and Performance /M. Tia, B.E. Ruth, R. Birgisson -- Unbound granular materials -- Serviceabili


    A. Gomes Correia (Author)