1st Edition

Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields (BCRRA 2017), June 28-30, 2017, Athens, Greece

Edited By Andreas Loizos, Imad Al-Qadi, Tom Scarpas Copyright 2017

    Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields includes the contributions to the 10th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields (BCRRA 2017, 28-30 June 2017, Athens, Greece). The papers cover aspects related to materials, laboratory testing, design, construction, maintenance and management systems of transport infrastructure, and focus on roads, railways and airfields. Additional aspects that concern new materials and characterization, alternative rehabilitation techniques, technological advances as well as pavement and railway track substructure sustainability are included. The contributions discuss new concepts and innovative solutions, and are concentrated but not limited on the following topics:

    · Unbound aggregate materials and soil properties
    · Bound materials characteritics, mechanical properties and testing
    · Effect of traffic loading
    · In-situ measurements techniques and monitoring
    · Structural evaluation
    · Pavement serviceability condition
    · Rehabilitation and maintenance issues
    · Geophysical assessment
    · Stabilization and reinforcement
    · Performance modeling
    · Environmental challenges
    · Life cycle assessment and sustainability

    Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields is essential reading for academics and professionals involved or interested in transport infrastructure systems, in particular roads, railways and airfields.

    Subgrade soils

    Evaluation of a resilient modulus model for unsaturated soil conditions
    P. Thirthar Palanivelu & C.E. Zapata

    Investigating correlations between stiffness indexes for Brazilian soils
    M. dos Reis & R. Moura Fortes

    Analysis of compaction and California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test results of a mixture of iron ore tailings with Brazilian tropical soil in different proportions for road construction purposes
    A.A.N. Dantas, T.A. Mendes, A.J.A. Posse, L.F.M. Ribeiro & C.M.C. Gurjao

    Suitability assessment of soils for pavement subgrade using gyratory compaction and bearing capacity testing
    A. Athanasopoulou & G. Kollaros

    Experimental and statistical investigation of the mechanical properties of limestone rocks in Lebanon
    M. Mrad, G. Saad, G.R. Chehab & R. Mrad

    Application of pattern classification techniques for anisotropic characterization of pavement foundations
    R.S. Ashtiani & M. Asadi

    Plastic strains of a compacted clayey soil under repeated axial loading
    Z.-S. Li & J.-M. Fleureau

    Estimation of shakedown loads of flexible pavements
    A.G. Stathas & K.V. Spiliopoulos

    Bearing capacity on stockpiled fly ash
    C.A. Lenngren

    Tunnels interaction with surrounding alluvial soils
    O. Naeemifar & R. Rahbari

    Unbound granular materials

    Structural characteristics of unbound aggregate materials in conventional flexible pavements
    L. Wang & X.G. Xie

    Investigation of resilient modulus values for base aggregates
    B. Cliatt & A. Loizos

    Unsaturated resilient strain behaviours of a granular material
    P. Jing, C. Chazallon & H. Nowamooz

    Laboratory investigation on unbound materials used in a highway with premature damage
    D.M. Barbieri, I. Hoff & H. Mork

    An investigation into relevance between fractal dimension and dynamic behavior of pure granular materials
    S. Altun, A. Sezer, A.B. Göktepe, T. Günay & P. Ahmedzade

    Experimental characterization of unbound granular materials subjected to high harmonic loads
    G. Canon Falla, S. Leischner, F. Wellner & T. Spanier

    Numerical simulation and laboratory testing of unbound base course materials considering the effect of temperature
    J. Patzak & F. Wellner

    Some recent research on the hydraulic conductivity of road materials
    P.J. Vardanega, S. Feng & C.J. Shepheard

    Laboratory investigations of thermal properties of crushed rock materials
    K. Rieksts, I. Hoff, E. Kuznetsova & J. Côté

    Stiffness and permanent deformation characteristics of open-graded unbound granular materials
    M.S. Rahman, S. Erlingsson & F. Hellman

    Characterisation of permanent deformation behaviour of unbound granular materials using repeated load triaxial testing
    N. Zhalehjoo, A. Tolooiyan, R. Mackay & D. Bodin

    Implementation of shakedown and packing theories for unbound granular materials
    T.F. Yideti, A. Dawson & B. Birgisson

    Asphalt mixes

    Experimental study on the effects of angular rate on the torsional shear property of asphalt mixture
    Y. Li, Y. Li, G. Wang, S. Zhang, Y. Liu & J. Chen

    Comparison of flexural strength and crack propagation test characteristics of SMA mixtures including the ageing impact
    P. Vacková, J. Valentin & P. Mondschein

    Computational study of the influence of form and angularity of coarse aggregates in the linear viscoelastic properties of asphalt mixtures
    D. Castillo & S. Caro

    Linear viscoelastic behaviour of bituminous mixtures with multi-Recycled Asphalt Pavement
    A. Pedraza, H. Di Benedetto, C. Sauzéat & S. Pouget

    Apps for modal analysis to characterize the complex modulus of asphalt concrete
    A. Gudmarsson & N. Ryden

    An implementation of the Illinois flexibility index testing protocol for balanced asphalt mix designs
    M.K. Barry, I.L. Al-Qadi, H. Ozer & F. Safi

    Laboratory evaluation of stiffness and fatigue susceptibility of asphalt paving materials incorporating environmental factors
    A. Aljuboryl, G.D. Airey & J.R.A. Grenfell

    Laboratory test and numerical simulation of microwave heating properties of asphalt mixture
    H. Wang, P. Apostolidis, X. Liu, T. Scarpas, J. Yang & L. Xu

    Influence of lateral confining pressure on flow number tests
    E. Santagata, O. Baglieri, P.P. Riviera, M. Lanotte & M. Alam

    Degradation of asphalt mixtures due to impact method of compaction
    P. Singh & A.K. Swamy

    Evaluation of mixing temperature impact on warm mix asphalt performance
    A. Abed, N. Thom & J.R.A. Grenfell

    Effect of compaction temperatures on the warm mix asphalt volumetrics and stability
    H.I. Ozturk & O.C. Pamuk

    Comparison of DSR and BBR tests for determining the Performance Grade (PG) of asphalt binder at low temperature
    C. Riccardi, A. Cannone Falchetto, M.P. Wistuba & M. Losa

    Aging of bituminous binders in asphalt pavements and laboratory tests
    X. Lu, H. Soenen & O.-V. Laukkanen

    Effects of mineral fillers and bitumen on ageing of asphalt mastics properties
    R. Alfaqawi, G.D. Airey & J.R.A. Grenfell

    Development of empirical models for the estimation of the rheological properties of asphalt binders
    F. Martinez, M. Cauhape Casaux & S. Angelone

    An alternative method for determining thermal stress in asphalt binder based on Laplace transform
    A. Cannone Falchetto, C. Riccardi, D. Wang, M.P. Wistuba & K.H. Moon

    Laboratory investigation of physical performance and FT-IR analysis of warm mix asphalt binders
    J. Chen, W. Wang & B. Xu

    Study of asphalt binder diffusion using atomic force microscopy
    A. Savarnya, A. Kuity, S. Gupta, A. Chandra & A. Das

    Performance of asphalt mixes with additives

    Performance properties of asphalt mixture containing Linz-Donawitz (LD) steel slag
    J. Groenniger & M.P. Wistuba

    Feasibility study on a thermoset polymer-coated emulsified warm-mix asphalt mixture
    P.J. Yoo, B.S. Ohm, K.S. Park & I.L. Al-Qadi

    Effect of new types of synthetic waxes designed for low-temperature asphalt mixtures
    L. Benešová, J. Mastný & J. Valentin

    An investigation of the mechanical properties of rubber modified asphalt mixtures using a modified dry process
    A. Subhy, G.D. Airey & D. Lo Presti

    Rutting performance of bituminous mixtures composed with red mud
    M.S.S. Lima, L.P. Thives & V. Haritonovs

    An experimental study on waxy bitumens
    J. Oner, B. Sengoz & G. Malkoc

    Comparative investigation on the reinforcing effects of polymer-based fiber into bituminous mixtures
    E. Toraldo, E. Mariani & M. Crispino

    Fibre behaviour and influence on the properties of asphalt mortar
    M. Mohammed, T. Parry & J. Grenfell

    Effect of waste metallic particles on asphalt induction heating
    B. Gómez-Meijide, H. Ajam, A. García & H.S. Al Mahely

    Improving the raveling resistance of porous asphalt with kraft lignin modified bitumen
    N.R.Z. Poeran, B.W. Sluer, M.F.C. van de Ven & W.F. Gard

    Usage of ion-irradiated recycled polypropylene as modifier in bituminous binder
    P. Ahmedzade, T. Günay, S. Altun, B. Kultayev, A. Fainleib, O. Grigoryeva & O. Starostenko

    Chemical and physical properties of an asphalt binder modified by the sap of Euphorbia Tirucalli plant: Application in bituminous prime coat
    L.M. Gondim, S.A. Soares, S.H.A. Barroso & C.M.C. Alecrin

    Physical properties of sepiolite clay nanofibers modified bitumen
    T. Günay, P. Ahmedzade & S. Altun

    High temperatures performance investigation of geopolymer modified bitumen binders
    S.I.A. Ali, H.A.M. Yahia, A.N.H. Ibrahim & R.A. Al Mansob

    Effect of traffic loading

    Effects of super heavy trucks on the condition of road infrastructure
    P. Kolisoja, T. Saarenketo & P. Varin

    Dynamic pavement response coefficient to estimate the impact of variation in dynamic vehicle load
    S.-F. Kazemi, P.E. Sebaaly, R.V. Siddharthan, E.Y. Hajj, A.J.T. Hand & Md. Ahsanuzzaman

    Dynamic behavior of flexible inelastic pavements under moving loads
    N.D. Beskou, A.P. Chassiakos & D.D. Theodorakopoulos

    Responses and performance of flexible pavements in cold climate due to heavy vehicle loading
    S. Erlingsson & J. Ullberg

    Impact of overloaded vehicles on load equivalency factors and service period of flexible pavements
    D. Rys, J. Judycki & J. Jaskula

    Implications of changing the maximum legal truck load for the pavement service life
    C.A. Lenngren & R. Salini

    Modeling of dynamic loads in pavement structural response models
    J.A. Ramos-García, F. Sánchez-Domínguez & J.M. Sanz-García

    Impact of longer and heavier vehicles on the performance of asphalt pavements: A laboratory study
    A.W. Ahmed, M.S. Rahman & S. Erlingsson

    Investigation of influence of heavy traffic loads on asphalt pavement response by SAFEM
    P. Liu, D. Wang & M. Oeser

    The increase of pavement cost due to the traffic overloads
    J.C. Pais & P. Pereira

    Structural design methods

    A comparison of mechanistic-empirical pavement design methods for Norwegian conditions
    I.E. Trangen & H. Mork

    Tool for enhancing the 1993 AASHTO pavement design method to incorporate the dynamic modulus of asphalt mixture
    Y.S. Hamdar & G.R. Chehab

    Determination of AASHTO 1993 layer coefficients considering time- and temperature-dependency of the asphalt mixture
    M. Lanotte & M.E. Kutay

    A mechanistic empirical design concept for low volume flexible pavement using unbound granular materials with application of concentration factor in a layered system
    P.P. Biswas, M.K. Sahis, G.C. Mandal & D. Majumder

    Perpetual flexible pavement design life
    G. Kollaros, A. Athanasopoulou & A. Kokkalis

    Mechanistic-empirical pavement design for unpaved roads: Development of a damage function for structural rutting
    J.-P. Bilodeau, G. Doré, M. Le Vern & P.M. Thiam

    Reliability demystified, at last
    A.M. Ioannides & D.D. Rodriguez

    Effect of treated subgrade layer on mechanistic-empirical pavement design
    S. Islam, A. Sufian & M. Hossain

    Comparison of practice for aggregate use in road construction—results from an international survey
    M. Fladvad, J. Aurstad & B.J. Wigum

    In-situ measurements techniques and monitoring

    Influences of measurement conditions on structural indicators obtained from FWD data
    C. Van Geem

    A comparison of TSD and FWD deflections at Norwegian roads with an interpretation of bearing capacity from TSD measurements
    V. Antonsen & H. Mork

    Assessment of pavement structures at traffic speed
    A. Zofka, J. Sudyka & D. Sybilski

    Integration of traffic speed deflectometer and ground penetrating radar for network-level roadway structure evaluation
    K.R. Maser, A. Carmichael, P. Schmalzer & B. Shaw

    Methods for calculating deflections from traffic speed deflectometer data and impacts on pavement design
    P. Schmalzer & N. Weitzel

    Quality control tool for asphalt emulsion-based chip seal curing times
    M.A. Montoya, J.E. Haddock & W.J. Weiss

    F/HWD international round robin tests on the STAC’s test facility
    M. Broutin & S. Belon

    Reproducibility of decisions for rehabilitation of existing roads based on deflection measurements with curviameter or FWD
    C. Van Geem

    Investigation of sampling strategy on estimating strains in flexible pavements through Response Surface Method (RSM)
    R. Aswathy & A.K. Swamy

    Effectiveness of Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW) method for pavement evaluation
    A. Loizos, C. Plati, B. Cliatt & K. Gkyrtis

    Continuous health monitoring of asphalt concrete pavements using surface-mounted battery-free wireless sensors
    H. Hasni, A.H. Alavi, K. Chatti & N. Lajnef

    Instrumentation to evaluate the field performance of composite overlays using accelerated pavement testing
    H. Rizvi, A. Ali, Y. Mehta, A. Francoise, C. Purdy & A. Nolan

    Assessment of the bearing capacity of pavements using fiber optic sensors
    V. Papavasiliou & A. Loizos

    Subgrade cracking monitoring using distributed optical fiber sensing technique
    W. Liu, B. Wang, X. Chen & L. Li

    Ensuring reliable robust FWD measurements on the English road network
    S. Brittain, A. Wright, D. Gershkoff & R. Fairclough

    Inferring pavement layer properties from a moving measurement platform
    S. Andersen, E. Levenberg & M.B. Andersen

    Effect of embedment scheme on damage detection performance of self-powered pavement monitoring sensor
    A.H. Alavi, H. Hasni, K. Chatti & N. Lajnef

    Backcalculation analyses of deflection measurements

    Analysing FWD data—from the deflection bowl to material parameters
    M. Čičković

    A layered pavement structural and remaining capacity model by analysis of FWD and TSD data
    J.D. Roberts

    Determination of an optimum backcalculation cross-section for flexible pavements
    K.A. Tutu & D.H. Timm

    Backcalculation of asphalt concrete moduli using field-measured strain
    M.M. Robbins, D.H. Timm & K.A. Tutu

    Optimization of deflection bowl measurements
    V. Le Boursicaud, J.-M. Simonin & P. Hornych

    Evolution of asphalt modulus from falling weight deflectometer tests and challenges associated with its interpretation and applications: A case study using LTPP data
    M. Oshone, M. Elshaer, E. Dave & J.S. Daniel

    Application of falling weight deflectometer for the estimation of in-situ shear strength parameters of subgrade layer
    H. Nabizadeh, E.Y. Hajj, R.V. Siddharthan, S. Elfass & M. Nimeri

    A model to adjust the falling weight deflections due to temperature variations
    J.C. Pais & P. Pereira

    Development of a frequency temperature correction model for FWD back-calculated moduli based on frequency-temperature superposition principle
    J.M. Flores, P. Le Van, C.K. Park, W. Kim & H.J. Lee

    Structural evaluation

    Evaluation of soil bearing capacity by plate load test
    Q. Al-Obaidi, A. Al-Shamoosi & A. Ahmed

    Variability of Light Weight Deflectometer during laboratory and field applications for subgrade soils under variable moisture conditions
    M. Mazari, G. Garcia, I. Abdallah, J. Garibay & S. Nazarian

    Comparing CBR values obtained from field with laboratory test results
    S. Karahancer, E. Eriskin, O. Sarioglu, M. Saltan & S. Terzi

    Contribution to lateritic soils calibration using the dynamic penetrometer PANDA
    Y. Gansonré, C. Bacconnet, P. Breul, M. Benz, P. Moustan, R. Gourves & S. De-Maistre

    Using QC LWD data for improving pavement design and management in Chile and Peru
    J.R. Marcobal, F. Cerrolaza, J. Arias & M.A. Moreno

    E* prediction algorithm for pavement quality control assessment
    K. Georgouli & A. Loizos

    Implementation of modulus-based quality control testing for pavement construction in Thailand
    A. Sawangsuriya, P. Jitareekul, Y. Taesiri, S. Sirisak & W. Lawanwisut

    A practical non-destructive testing based approach to improve the quality of the asphalt compaction process
    P. Georgiou & A. Loizos

    Predicting roller-compacted concrete properties from mixture proportions
    J. LaHucik & J. Roesler

    Bearing capacity assessment of a flexible pavement subjected to seasonal effects
    G. Bazi, S. Saboundjian, R. Briggs & P. Ullidtz

    Evaluation of pavement load bearing capacity comprised of insulation layers during thaw season
    L. Hashemian, N. Tavafzadeh & A. Bayat

    Evaluation of cement-bitumen treated material bearing capacity by in-situ tests
    M. Meocci & F. La Torre

    Quality assurance of traffic-speed structural condition surveys
    A. Wright, S. Brittain, D. Gershkoff, P. Werro & R. Fairclough

    Pavement serviceability condition

    Non-destructive crack identification for concrete pavements: A case study
    L.S. Salles, L. Khazanovich, J.T. Balbo & A. Cargnin

    Review of pavement cracking data collection practices
    B. Yang, H. Ceylan, O. Smadi, K. Gopalakrishnan, S. Kim, Y. Turkan, A.A. Alhasan & O. Adarkwa

    Structural Health Monitoring of pavement assets through acoustic signature
    R. Fedele, F.G. Pratico, R. Carotenuto & F.G. Della Corte

    Automated patch detection and quantification for pavement evaluation
    G.M. Hadjidemetriou & S.E. Christodoulou

    Challenges when modelling ravelling in porous friction courses
    L. Manrique-Sanchez, S. Caro & S. Torres

    Data driven frameworks for classifying pavement surface anomalies based on pattern recognition techniques and smartphone technology
    C. Kyriakou, S.E. Christodoulou & L. Dimitriou

    Advanced analysis of pavement longitudinal profiles for rehabilitation diagnostic
    J.-P. Bilodeau, G. Doré & L.-A. Grégoire

    In-lab versus on-site measurement of surface performance of flexible pavements
    F.G. Pratico, S. Noto & A. Astolfi

    Comparative laboratory evaluation of macro texture depth of chip seal samples using sand patch and outflow meter test methods
    I. Gökalp, V.E. Uz & M. Saltan

    Evaluation of highway pavement skid resistance performance made of Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC)
    A.A. Bawono, N. Nguyen Dinh, E.H. Yang & B. Lechner

    A laboratory evaluation on skid resistance performance of surface coatings manufactured by both natural aggregates and by-products
    I. Gökalp, V.E. Uz & M. Saltan

    Estimating new road rolling resistance using neural networks
    C.A. Lenngren & R. Salini

    Pavement performance and durability through rational design
    A. Mouratidis & G.P. Papageorgiou

    Sampling functional condition indices at traffic-speed
    K.P. Drenth, F.H. Ju & J.Y. Tan

    Assessment of tire-pavement noise by using On-Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) method in the State of Qatar
    M. Ohiduzzaman, O. Sirin & E. Kassem

    Investigation of tire-pavement noise level using On-Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) system
    A. Zofka, E. Zofka, T. Mechowski & A. Urbanik

    Overview of California studies on noise reduction for asphalt and concrete surfaces
    J. Harvey, R. Wu, I. Guada, Q. Lu, A. Ongel, A. Rezaei, E. Kohler & C. Reyes

    Rehabilitation and maintenance issues

    Assessment of the efficiency of pavement surface rehabilitation techniques
    J. Neves & H. Simas

    Assessment of shotblasting moving speed for pavement preservation—a pilot-case study
    C. Plati, A. Loizos, T. Stergiou, M. Pomoni, F. Papadimitriou & K. Drimeris

    Precast concrete pavements for rapid rehabilitation of high traffic volume highways—US state of practice
    S. Tayabji & S. Tyson

    Road bridge decks sealing, joints and pavement practice, the Greek motorway experience
    A. Kokkalis, A. Athanasopoulou, G. Kollaros & P. Panetsos

    An efficiency based approach to multi-year network-level maintenance programming
    T. Lorino & P. Hankach

    Road asset valuation system using long term pavement data analysis
    A. Heitor, J. Davis, P. Tobin & K. Bogie

    Why PWL is a better quality measure for developing PRS
    S.W. Haider, G. Musunuru & K. Chatti

    Effect of neglected maintenance for the Austrian State road network
    J. Litzka & A. Weninger-Vycudil

    A low cost method of real time pavement condition data sharing to expedite maintenance intervention
    W. Uddin, O.W. Uddin & J.V. Merighi

    Macroeconomic and external costs caused by inefficient pavement management: Empirical evidence from the A9 motorway in Germany
    W.H. Schulz, L. Heinrich & S. Scheler

    Stabilization and reinforcement

    The stabilization of a soft soil subgrade layer using a new sustainable binder produced from free-cement blending of waste materials fly ashes
    H.M. Jafer, W. Atherton, F. Ruddock & E. Loffill

    Geosynthetic impact on subgrade bearing capacity and their possible improvement
    K. Pospisil & P. Zednik

    Swelling pressure and consolidation of soft clay stabilized with bagasse ash and lime
    H. Hasan, L. Dang, H. Khabbaz & B. Fatahi

    US highway 65 emergency pavement subgrade improvement
    R.L. Boudreau, J.P. Donahue & R.W. Brown

    Influences of curing conditions on strength and microstructure of lime-amended flyash
    A. Pani & S.P. Singh

    Compressive and tensile behaviour of polymer-treated pavement foundation materials
    R.N. Georgees, R.A. Hassan, R.P. Evans & P. Jegatheesan

    Pavement subgrade soil bearing capacity as influenced by stabilization process
    A. Athanasopoulou & G. Kollaros

    Pavement design considerations for subgrades stabilized with recycled materials
    N. Bandara, E. Jensen & T. Binoy

    Design of mortars for controlled modulus columns: From laboratory to field experiments
    G. Blanc, G. Escadeillas, A. Turatsinze, A.-C. Ariane & B. Quandalle

    Implication of the mechanically stabilised granular layer for access road over saline soils at uranium in situ leaching mine in South Kazakhstan
    A. Kuznetsova, C. Doulala-Rigby, G. Solovyev & E. Orlov

    Sustainable field applications of quarry byproducts mixed with large size unconventional aggregates
    I. Qamhia, E. Tutumluer, H. Ozer & H. Kazmee

    Bearing capacity of a stabilised granular layer on clay subgrade
    A.S. Lees

    Mechanical characteristics and insolubilization effect of incineration bottom ash from MSW using aging method
    K. Sato & T. Fujikawa

    Analytical and numerical design approaches for stabilized road pavement base layers
    P. Skels, A. Zarins, K. Bondars & V. Haritonovs

    Geosynthetic sub-base stabilization of roads and artificial turf installations
    C. van Gurp, T. Messinella, M. Hazenkamp & F. Harmeling

    Geogrid in paved and unpaved road systems: A review of mechanisms and design methods
    M. Sharbaf, N. Ghafoori & N. Dumitru

    Laboratory evaluation of triangular aperture geogrid reinforced flexible pavements
    M. Sharbaf & N. Ghafoori

    In situ damage evaluation of geogrid used in asphalt concrete pavement
    C. Chazallon, T.C. Nguyen, M.L. Nguyen, P. Hornych, D. Doligez, L. Brissaud & E. Godard

    High-performance synthetic microfibers for the structural reinforcement of hot mix asphalts
    M. Pasetto, E. Pasquini, G. Giacomello, A. Baliello & N. Baldo

    Bituminous pavements reinforcement with interlayer systems: Proposing a routine laboratory cyclic flexural testing procedure
    P. Pezzano, C. Sangiorgi, P. Tataranni, N. Bonucchi & C. Lantieri

    Assessment of fiber reinforced HMA and WMA mixes using viscoelastic continuum damage model
    H.A. Kassem, G.R. Chehab, N.F. Saleh & A. Zalghout

    Lifetime prediction of asphalt interlayer systems, and the correlation between a simplified design method and real cases
    P. Pezzano, A. Simone, F. Mazzotta, C. Sangiorgi, V. Vignali & G. Dondi

    Recycled materials and techniques

    Performance evaluation of a 100% recycled asphalt pavement mixture using a polymer binder: A pilot study
    E.Y. Hajj, M. Piratheepan & P.E. Sebaaly

    Maximising asphalt recycling in road surface courses: The importance of a preliminary binder design
    G.M. Pires, A. Jiménez del Barco Carrión, G.D. Airey & D. Lo Presti

    Structural evaluation of cold recycling mixture with foamed asphalt
    F.V. Guatimosim, K.L. Vasconcelos & L.L.B. Bernucci

    Effects of vibratory and static compaction in laboratory to strength properties of cold recycled materials
    K. Mollenhauer

    Towards high quality re-use of porous asphalt
    J. Qiu, M. Huurman, M.H.T. Frunt & R. Gelpke

    Mechanical performance of recycled aggregates in cyclic triaxial testing
    C. Grégoire, A. Van der Wielen & B. Janssens

    Performance of warm recycled mixtures in field trial sections
    A. Stimilli, F. Frigio, F. Cardone & F. Canestrari

    Instrumented test section for analyzing the curing process of cold-recycled mixtures
    C. Godenzoni, A. Graziani, M. Bocci, A. Grilli & E. Bocci

    Sustainability evaluation of pavements using recycled materials
    Y. Zhang, D. Goulias & A. Aydilek

    Moisture effects on the properties of RAP-foamed bitumen mixtures
    D.B. Sánchez, G.D. Airey, J.R.A. Grenfell & S. Caro

    Influence of bio-based additives on RAP clustering and asphalt binder rheology
    M. Orešković, S. Bressi, G. Di Mino & D. Lo Presti

    Evaluation of bituminous binders miscibility for warm-mix recycling techniques
    S. Vassaux, V. Gaudefroy, L. Jean Soro, A. Pévere, V. Mouillet, L. Boulangé & V. Barragan-Montero

    Performance modeling

    3D-FE Modeling and dynamic response analysis of asphalt pavements subjected to FWD impact loads
    W. Uddin, Y. Nanagiri & S. Garza

    Road pavement responses estimated through finite element modeling analysis
    B. Cliatt, A. Loizos & K. Gkyrtis

    Infinite element technology of adaptive FEMOL applied in mechanical analysis of layered elastic systems for asphalt pavement
    Y. Dong, Q. Xing, S. Yuan & N. Fang

    Structural pavement responses using nonlinear finite element analysis of unbound materials
    A. Loizos, K.V. Spiliopoulos, B. Cliatt & K. Gkyrtis

    3D modeling and measuring of tire-pavement contact pressure
    E.Y. Manyo, I. Leandry, B. Picoux, P. Reynaud, F. Allou & C. Petit

    Prediction of heavy vehicle impact on rut development using PEDRO model
    S.F. Said & A.W. Ahmed

    Evaluation of rutting potential in cold bituminous emulsion mixture using finite element analysis
    H.K. Shanbara, F. Ruddock, W. Atherton & G. Rothwell

    Pavement rutting prediction models for the coastal roads of southern Norway
    E. Taddesse

    Analytical modeling of rutting for asphalt concrete pavement
    B.A. Feyissa

    Permanent deformation measurements under flexible pavements using image correlation
    A. Bowman & S. Haigh

    Prediction of HMA fatigue performances using different Visco-Elastic Continuum Damage (VECD) models
    M. Lanotte & M.E. Kutay

    Modelling of reflective cracking in composite pavements
    E. Manola, A.C. Collop & N. Thom

    Research on cracking of asphalt pavement based on cohesive zone model and extended finite element method
    Y. Sun, K. Li, X. Yuan, Z. Ma & J. Wang

    Fatigue performance evaluation of high modulus asphalt binder using the LAS test and S-VECD model
    J. Zhang, H. Zhang & C. Wang

    Analysis of expansive reactions in cement concrete pavement structures by microscopical methods
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    Mechanics of layers interfaces

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    Effect of glass fibre grids on the bonding strength between two asphalt layers
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    Geophysical assessment

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    Airfield pavements structures

    Development of new FAA design procedures for extended airport pavement life
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    Development of rational ACN/PCN system
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    Why can’t the PCN index be uniquely defined?
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    Harmonizing PCN reporting on extended airport maneuver areas
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    Managing the impact of more demanding aircraft
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    Expedient runway upgrade technologies
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    Impact of joint filling materials on cracking in concrete gutters at large airfields
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    Asphalt Pavement Analyzer—laboratory tool for characterization of rutting performance of airport pavement Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)
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    Neural networks prediction of critical responses related to top-down and bottom-up cracking in airfield concrete pavement
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    Railway track structures

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    Environmental challenges

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    Applications of an innovative load bearing permeable concrete pavement
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    Detoxication of the heavy metal ions in water resources by means of mineral geoantidotes
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    Life cycle assessment and sustainability

    Sustainable pavement rehabilitation strategy using consequential life cycle assessment: An example of interstate 95
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    Sustainable implementation of future smart road solutions: A case study on the electrified road
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    Full-scale testing

    Deflections and dynamic responses of asphalt pavement with graded-broken-stone base: An investigation based on Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS)
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    Fast Falling Weight Deflectometer (FastFWD) for Accelerated Pavement Testing (APT)
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    Full-scale accelerated pavement testing of geogrid stabilized roads
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    Case histories

    Case study of a performance based contract for asphalt pavement overlay in Korea
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    Design of Ultra-Thin Continuously Reinforced Concrete (UTCRC) and Enrobé à Module Élevé (EME) implemented as alternative remedial actions
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    Resurfacing of the Queen Elizabeth II bridge: Binder selection and evaluation
    I. Artamendi, B. Allen, C. Allpress, P. Phillips & C. Wingrove

    Geotechnical assessment strategy for bridge maintenance—case study
    O. Hamza


    Dr. Andreas Loizos holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), a Dr.-Ing. Degree in Pavement Mechanics from the University of Hannover, Germany and a post-doctoral scholar of the German Research Council (DFG). He is Full Professor of Pavement Engineering at the School of Civil Engineering, Director of the Laboratory of Pavement Engineering and currently Head of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of NTUA since 2006. His main interests include road and airfields pavement engineering, geophysical measurements in pavements, as well as aspects of railway track assessment. He is the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Pavement Engineering(IJPE) and Chair or Co-Chair of International Conferences in Pavement Science and Technology.

    Prof. Imad Al-Qadi is Professor of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. He is also the Director of the Advanced Transportation Research and Engineering Laboratory (ATREL) and the founding Director of the Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT). Prior to that, he was the Charles E. Via, Jr. Professor at Virginia Tech. A registered professional engineer, Professor Al-Qadi has authored/ coauthored around 600 publications and has delivered more than 550 presentations including numerous keynote lectures and has led more than 120 projects to completion.

    Prof. Tom Scarpas holds the Chair of Pavement Engineering and is the Head of the Pavement Engineering Section in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. His research interests include constitutive modelling of pavement materials, pavement mechanics & design, chemo-mechanical modelling of ageing and healing in asphaltic materials, wheel-pavement interaction, modelling of moisture induced damage in asphalt mixtures, non-linear finite element analysis techniques and mechanics of multiphase media. Tom is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Pavement Engineering. He has organized several international Conferences, Workshops and Seminars.