1st Edition

Beating Your Competition Through Quality

By D. B. Owen Copyright 1988

    This book describes how superior quality is attained and gives some of the basic techniques involved. It gives clear insight into the impact of variation on the future of the World and addresses the statistical problems.

    1. Introduction 2. The History of Competition from Japan 3. The Scientific Method 4. Understanding Variation 5. Determining Whether a Process is in Control 6. Finding Assignable Causes 7. Process in Control: Tightening Up 8. The Search for Causes of Variation 9. Deming's Funnel Experiment 10. Deming's Bead Experiment 11. Management's Responsibilities 12. Translation to Service Industries 13. Designing for Quality 14. Quality Control and Quality Assurance 15. Sources of Consultants and Employees 16. Notes for Further Reading


    D. B. Owen (Author)