1st Edition

Becoming a More Assertive Teacher Maximizing Strengths, Establishing Boundaries, and Amplifying Your Voice

By Brad Johnson, Jeremy Johnson Copyright 2024
    140 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    140 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    Being cooperative, empathetic, and accommodating are great qualities for teachers but can also lead to higher rates of frustration and eventually burnout. In this empowering new book from Brad Johnson and Jeremy Johnson, find out how becoming more assertive can help highly agreeable teachers thrive.

    First, take personality quizzes to find out how agreeable or assertive you are! Then the authors delve into why that matters. You’ll find out how assertiveness differs from aggression and passivity and why it is a valuable tool for teachers, so you can stand up for your own needs and rights while respecting the needs and rights of others. Chapters cover establishing healthy boundaries, learning when to say no, dealing with conflicts, becoming more self-aware, leveraging your strengths, finding your voice, and more!

    Each chapter is filled with practical strategies and examples and ends with a toolbox feature to help you build your skills. As you learn to become more assertive, you’ll improve your interactions and will feel more heard – and fulfilled – in your teaching role and in life.

    Introduction; Personality Reflection Quizzes; Chapter 1 Understanding the Benefits and Pitfalls of High Agreeableness; Chapter 2: From Passive to Powerful: Unleashing the Potential of Assertive Teaching; Chapter 3: Finding the Strength Within: Empowering Teachers through Self-Awareness and Confidence; Chapter 4: Navigating Conflict with Confidence: Building Relationships and Resolving Issues with Assertiveness; Chapter 5: Sharing Your Voice: The Power of Assertive Communication in Education; Chapter 6: Establishing Boundaries: It’s Okay to Say No!; Chapter 7: Fostering Positively Assertive Relationships with Colleagues and Administrators; Chapter 8: Nurturing Assertiveness and Leveraging Strengths: Strategies for Working with Low Agreeableness Students; Chapter 9: Prioritizing Self Care for Lasting Success; Epilogue: Unleashing Your Greatness to Be Unstoppable


    Dr. Brad Johnson is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers in the fields of education and leadership. He has 25 years of experience in the trenches as a teacher and administrator. Dr. Johnson is transforming how teachers lead in the classroom and how administrators lead in the school. He is a servant leader who shares his vast experiences and expertise to help other educators maximize their potential. He is author of many books including Dear Teacher (with Hal Bowman), Principal Bootcamp, Putting Teachers First, and Learning on Your Feet. He has travelled the globe speaking and training teachers and educational leaders.

    Jeremy Johnson earned a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, where his research focused on the application of personality theory in the workplace. His extensive research and knowledge in the field have enabled him to gain a comprehensive understanding of human behavior in professional settings, making him an invaluable asset to any organization. He has 16 years experience, including a background in administrative processes and procedure development which has led to the implementation of streamlined workflows and improved efficiency in various projects. His exceptional leadership skills have also enabled him to develop and nurture the next generation of leaders within various organizations.

    "This book is an absolute game changer for teachers. Harnessing the power of self-reflection provides teachers with a roadmap to foster an environment where students thrive. Johnson and Johnson's expert guidance empowers educators to confidently navigate the challenges of the modern teacher, making this a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their teaching skills and make a lasting impact on students' lives."

    —Jennifer Black, Elementary School Principal, Nevada

    "For teachers who want to enhance their careers, Becoming a More Assertive Teacher is a highly beneficial resource. This book offers practical guidance, tactics, and perspectives that can assist teachers in setting limits, optimizing their abilities, and increasing their influence. I strongly suggest this book to all teachers, regardless of their professional advancement."

    —Donna Wright, Bach.Ed, Grad.Dip Student Welfare, M. Ed, Llb,Grad.DipPLT, DFIFIP, Australian Principal of the Year 2020

    "Dr. Brad Johnson and Jeremy Johnson guide teachers on a journey of how to be more assertive teachers through the power of speaking and listening. As with all great journeys, this book motivates teachers to focus on their strengths, voice, and purpose. Most importantly, it inspires teachers to believe in who they are and what they do, so they can create the most positive and successful learning spaces for students."

    —Colleen Duggan, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, NY

    "Culture starts with communication. Communication builds trust. Conflict in a district with a healthy culture of respect is not only natural, but essential for growth. So how do teachers do that? This book is THAT communication toolkit! It supports our collective mission as educators and the challenges we face daily in our respective roles. Becoming a More Assertive Teacher is all about leaning into tough conversations, who we are, how we do it, and how we can be better. This book is a true blend of insights, stories, and actionable strategies. In an era where communication is central to fostering harmonious relationships with students, players, parents, administration, and colleagues, Johnson and Johnson masterfully present a roadmap that any professional, regardless of their vocation, can benefit from. Confidence in your capabilities to be assertive with your gifts is one short read away. If you are a teacher, you are a leader. Lead Strong! As a superintendent, this book will be in my teachers' hands because I believe in empowering them to live and lead their best life."

    —Jeni Neatherlin, Superintendent, Granger ISD 

    “In a time when educators and the education profession is in crisis and in some cases under attack, it is imperative that educators engage in reflection and self-talk to assist them in finding the strength to help their students, help each other, and above all, help themselves excel in providing an exceptional education for our students. In Johnson and Johnson's Becoming a More Assertive Teacher, educators receive valuable insight on how to identify their internal response to situations and how to analyze and coach themselves to become firm in their actions with more evident self-confidence.”

    —Dr. Marta Carmona. Educator with an over 30-year career serving in varying roles as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, Curriculum and Instruction Auditor, Interim Superintendent, and Deputy Superintendent in small rural, mid-size, and large urban school districts in the beautiful city of El Paso, Texas.

    "The willingness to take on our education system and its fundamental players is complex and requires courage to identify truths rarely spoken of publicly. Johnson and Johnson finally say what every teacher and administrator has known for decades. Teachers need the power and willingness to assert control over personal and classroom conditions to provide the world class education they know students need and deserve."

    —Paul A. Froese, B.Ed,  Bsc Eng, ASET, District Rep Alberta Teachers Association