1st Edition

Behavior Analysis Around the World A Special Issue of the International Journal of Psychology

Edited By Rubén Ardila Copyright 2007
    158 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Behaviour analysis has tradionally been one of the main areas and main approaches to psychology. It is based on laboratory research and in conceptualizations from distinguished figures of the discipline, such as Skinner, Pavlov, Mach, and even Watson and Thorndike. It has generated a science (the experimental analysis of behaviour), a philosophy (behaviourism), and numerous practical applications (applied behaviour analysis). For several decades it was even considered to be the dominant paradigm in psychology. This special issue contains scientific articles in the main areas of behaviour analysis, both as a laboratory science and as an applied discipline. It covers representative research and applications of behaviour analysis at the beginning of the 21st century. The authors come from countries including the United States, China, Mexico, Spain, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Colombia, Poland, Greece. This special issue is an indication of the international relevance of this area of psychology, and its current state.

    Ruben Ardila, Prologue. Emilio Ribes Iñesta, A Theoretical and Experimental Program on Human and Animal Behavior.  Marino Pérez-Alvarez and José Manuel García-Montes, Person, Behavior and Contingencies (An Aesthetic View of Behaviorism). Rubén Ardila, The Experimental Synthesis of Behavior.  Marc N. Richelle, Esteve Freixa i Baqué, Jean-Luc Lambert and Valentino Pomini, Behavior Analysis in the European French Speaking Area.  Paolo Moderato and Giovambattista Presti, Behaviorism and the Science of Behavior: its Development in Italy. R. Douglas Greer, Jessica Dudek-Singer and Grant Gautreaux, Observational Learning. Mark A. Mattaini and Joseph Strickland, Changing Collective Violence: a Scientific Strategy.  Monika Suchowierska,  Recombinative Generalization: Some Theoretical and Practical Remarks. Guo Yanqing, Training Parents and Professionals to Help Children with Autism in China. The Contribution of Behavior Analysis. Zuilma Gabriela Sigurðardóttir and Magnus Blondahl Sighvatsson. Operant Conditioning and Errorless Learning Procedures in the Treatment of Chronic Aphasia. Angeliki Gena, The Effects of Prompting and Social Reinforcement on Establishing Social Interactions With Peers During the Inclusion of Four Children With Autism in Preschool.  John E.R. Staddon. Did Skinner Miss the Point About Teaching?Maria E. Malott and Wilfredo Salas. Adressing Organizational Complexity: a Behavioral Systems Analysis Application to Higher Education.


    Claudia Dalbert