1st Edition

Behavioral Biology
Neuroendocrine Axis

ISBN 9781138876163
Published July 31, 2015 by Psychology Press

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Book Description

This book is the result of an international symposium in biological psychology, held in honor of Knut Larsson. This renowned researcher -- in his search for the true meaning of "mind vs. matter" -- became involved in many divergent areas of the field, such as the neurobiology of sexual behavior and sexual differentiation, aspects of functional neuroanatomy, behavioral endocrinology, and psychopharmacology. Through experimentation and much consultation with other area specialists, Larsson observed such phenomena as the adaptation of behavior-determining neuroendocrine events to the physical environment and the hormonal regulation of sexual behavior and differentiation. This tribute to his research presents important features of necessary paradigms for the analysis and study of experimental psychology within the biological perspective.

Table of Contents

Contents: K. Larsson, Introduction: My Journey Into Biological Psychology. Part I:J-M. Guastavino, Developmental Psychobiology. A.D. Mayer, E.M. Factor, J.S. Rosenblatt, Aggressive Aspects of Maternal Behavior in the Rat. M. Leon, Learning Early in Life: A Neurological Analysis. E. Hard, J. Engel, Ontogeny of Ultrasonic Vocalization in the Rat: Influence of Neurochemical Transmission Systems. C.F. Harding, Neuroendocrine Integration of Social Behavior in Male Songbirds. Part II:T. Klint, Sexual Behavior I. N.E. van de Poll, The Physiological Significance of Acute Activation of the Gonadal Hormonal Axis. B.J. Meyerson, The Neuropharmacology of Lordosis Behavior: Serotonergic Mechanisms. P. Sodersten, Testosterone Metabolism and Sexual Behavior in Male Rats. S. Ahlenius, V. Hillegaart, K. Larsson, Motivation and Performance: Region-Selective Changes in Forebrain Monoamine Synthesis Due to Sexual Activity in Rats. Part III:A. Fernandez-Guasti, O. Picazo, B. Roldan-Roldan, A. Saldivar, Sexual Behavior II. B.J. Everitt, Neuroendocrine and Psychological Mechanisms Underlying Masculine Sexual Behavior. B.R. Komisaruk, Vaginocervical Afference as a Trigger for Analgesic, Behavioral, Autonomic, and Neuroendocrine Processes. P.E. Micevych, Sexual Differentiation of a Neuropeptide Circuit Regulating Female Reproductive Behavior. C. Beyer, G. Gonzalez-Mariscal, Functional Implications of Progesterone Metabolism: Effects on Psychosexual Development, Brain Sexual Differentiation, and Perception. Part IV:F.O. Odberg, Clinical Psychobiology. M. Heimann, Neonatal Imitation: A Social and Biological Phenomenon. I. Divac, Normal Brain Functions and Signs of Dysfunction. C.P. Hwang, A.G. Broberg, Social Inhibition -- Development and Implications. S.G. Carlsson, Psychobiological Approaches in Clinical Practice. Part V:B. Olivier, J. Mos, Animal Psychobiology. P.F. Brain, M.A. Al-Hazmi, Studies on the Effects of Ethyl Alcohol on Rodent Behavior in Diverse Tests. G.J. Marek, L.S. Seiden, Neurotransmitters in Affective Disorders.

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